Aspen Real Estate Update

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From the May 2009 Newsletter

April’s gross sales volume in Aspen exceeded the prior year’s month for the first time since July 2007! We continue to see a similar pattern in April of discounted home sales, with the few exceptions that sold at past square foot prices.

Condominiums, land and fractional unit sales volumes lagged behind the volume of home sales in Aspen during April.

The number of listed properties is steadily increasing yet the asking prices for many properties are aggressive. This suggests to us that Aspen sellers continue to think Aspen is a unique market and traditional appreciation should return.

We still remain in a clear Buyers’ market with many opportunities to capture great values in all property types!

Mortgage money is still available and at historically low prices for the qualified Buyer.

Please call one of our experienced Brokers for help navigating through the many Aspen Real Estate properties that are available.

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