Crews ready next round of improvements at Chateau Eau Claire

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Continuing to build upon the improvements made in 2011, the Chateau Eau Claire homeowners association recently approved another round of improvements for the property, located at 1034 E. Cooper Ave.

The homeowners association announced recently that beginning May 15, construction crews from Yampah Builders will being Phase I of the 2012 enhancements, which will include installing a new hot tub on the property grounds. The complex will remain open during the entire construction project.

Crews will begin installing a new hot tub on May 15, 2012.

Last year, homeowners approved and installed a brand new elevator at the complex, allowing owners and guests easier access to all four levels. The unique glass elevator offers views of Aspen Mountain from inside.

According to a project description sheet provided by Yampah Builders, crews will mobilize on May 15 and begin the “more invasive aspects” of the hot tub install. This will include lightweight equipment such as mini-excavators, skid steers, etc. The removal of the pavement and existing concrete around the spa will take place during this time. Crews are expected to spend two weeks excavating and hauling debris from the site. According to Yampah, this will be the “loud, dirty portion” but crews do plan to work with the City of Aspen to keep clutter and noise at a minimum. This scope of work is expected to last only two weeks.

Beginning May 28, the forming for the new spa vault will begin toward the end of the demo and be done hand-in-hand with the re-grade and start of the ground prep. The landscaping prep, which is centered on the boulder work, will begin immediately once the debris is out of the way. A fairly large crane will be on site for a day or two to set the larger rocks – some of which more than weigh 2 tons. Once this has been completed, the re-grading and soil prep to receive the plants and shrubs is next. Only small machinery and mostly manpower are involved during this time.

By June 25, crews are aiming to finish concrete, fences and bollards as the landscapers put the finishing touches on the new design. Equipment and all construction-related material will be removed and a final clean and thorough inspection of the area will be done during this time.

“With the lead time on the custom spa, we do not expect its arrival until after all the work is complete,” the Yampa project description says. “Once we have notice it is on its way, we will schedule its install. This will take less than a day … and a day or so for the techs to hook it up.”

Homeowners approved a new glass elevator installation in 2011.

A large crane will again be used during the spa install.

Crews hope the project will be complete by mid-July. No work days per city ordinance are taken into account. The dates listed above are relative to the date of permit issue.

Yampah said most of the site action, staging of equipment and materials  – around 80 percent – will operate out of the north lot at the Chateau Eau Claire.

“This is construction,” the Yampa letter said. “Co-operation on everyone’s part will be needed to get us out of your hair in the shortest time possible.”

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