Silver Slippers Not Required!

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One of the things that keeps Aspen unique is that we are somewhat further from Denver International Airport (DIA). Much of the skiing crowd compromises for a shorter airport transfer. But this year, flying to Aspen is easier than ever before! More carriers are offering non-stop flights to our airport (ASE). Flying connections from Denver are plentiful as well.

Photo from guest: May Selby

Here is a quick rundown on your options for flying to Aspen during the 2011-12 ski season:



United Airlines – Continues to be the dominant connection carrier out of DIA with 9-12 daily flights. This year, United is also offering non-stop flights from Chicago, 3-4 times a day, Los Angeles 4x daily, Houston 2x daily and San Francisco 1-2 flights per day.

American Airlines – This year AA fans can find non-stop flights daily from Dallas and Los Angeles.

Frontier Airlines – Serves us this year with four DIA connecting flights to serve their network of cities.

Additionally, Eagle County airport (EGE), which is just 90 scenic minutes away, offers additional non-stop flight options from American, United and Delta airlines.

Upon arrival at the Aspen Airport, only, we will whisk you to our check in offices with complimentary, hassle-free airport transfers. See you soon!

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