Our May 18th Project

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For the past several years we have run a somewhat scientific experiment out in front of our offices on Durant Ave in Aspen, Colorado. We take a picture of the trees and compare. As you can see 2012 appears to be smack-dab in the middle of the years. It appears that ’08, ’10 and ’11 were somewhat behind this year and ’07 and ’09 were ahead. These trees do a pretty good job of telling the story of the previous winter:

The only year we had less snow than this year in the previous 5 years was 2006-07 when we received a pitiful 124″.

  • 2007-08 = 400 inches
  • 2008-09 = 306 inches
  • 2009-10 = 228 inches
  • 2010-11 = 320 inches
  • 2011-12 = 206 inches

If you are a betting ski vacationer, chances are better than 50% that this coming winter will see over 300 inches of total snowfall. Between now and then we’ll just have to suffer with Aspen in the Summer!


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