Frias vacation specialist logs 100 days of skiing each season

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Frias Properties of Aspen vacation specialist Andrew Myatt is what we call a modern-day “ski bum”. He routinely accomplishes something most skiers only dream about – logging 100 days of skiing in a season.

Just recently, Myatt earned his fourth consecutive 100-day pin, a recognition given by the Aspen Skiing Company for those who reach the century mark in a single season. Myatt achieved the goal for the 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 ski seasons.

“I came up a little short in 2008-09 and figured life is too short not to ski every day,” Myatt said.

To commemorate his accomplishment, Myatt sat down with our blog team to answer our Top 10 questions.

Q: When did you move to Aspen?

A: “I moved to Aspen on April 1,2006, after spending four weeks in Aspen over New Years.”


Q: How many seasons have you skied Aspen?

A: “This is the sixth season I have had a pass for Aspen.”


Q: Did you ski growing up? Where? 

A: “I first started skiing at the age of 4 at Holiday Valley outside of Rochester, New York.”


Q: Did you go on Opening Day? 

A: “Yes. I skied the early opening days this year at Snowmass and on Thanksgiving Day on Aspen with (my fiancée) Lauren.”


Q: Do you ski with friends or alone? 

A: “It depends.  During the week, I normally ski alone and, on the weekends, I ski with Lauren and my buddy, Brendan. Normally, I don’t like skiing in big groups.”


Q: Tell us about your gear. (Skis, boots brand)

A: “I just got new Nordica boots this year and I ski on a 184 Volki Montra.  It is a great all-mountain, all-condition ski.”


Q: What’s your favorite run? 

A: “I have a few, but would like to keep them secret.  S1 is one that I like to tell people about and take them to early in the day.  It is really steep at the top and intimidating to most people.”


Q: Have you spotted anyone famous this year on the hill? 

A: “A few. Seal, Paris Hilton (at Ajax Tavern), James Caan, Jeff Bagwell …  and a bunch of people that think they are famous.”


Q: What’s the riskiest maneuver you attempted/accomplished this season? 

A: “Not really sure. Most days I ski aggressively and enjoy jumping cliffs and skiing lines that are really difficult.”


Q: What will you do with your 100-day pin?

A: “I keep them at my desk.  I also take them with me to the ski show I do in Australia.”

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