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Client Services

Client Services

Frias Commercial offers clients a wide variety of services. These services include:

Tenant Representation – Frias Commercial has the experience and resources to assist tenants in determining their commercial space needs, finding the most suitable space and negotiating acceptable lease terms. The process we follow to assist tenants is outlined in William Small’s book “Negotiating Commercial Property Leases” which you can downloaded from ______ .

Seller Representation – Frias Commercial has a wealth of experience in assisting property owners in the process of marketing and selling their commercial / investment properties. Over the years, we’ve developed effective marketing systems to handle pricing and marketing strategies to insure that seller’s get the best price possible in a reasonable period of time. If you have a commercial / investment property to sell, you may want to download a copy of our FREE Special Report: “The 7 Mistakes to Avoid When You Sell a Commercial – Investment Property” _______ .

Buyer Representation – If you’re seeking to buy commercial / investment property, Frias Commercial can help you find the right properties, assist in analyzing there investment or use potential and help you negotiate the best possible purchase contract. We have sophisticated financial models, investment analysis software and demographic capabilities to make your task as a buyer easier and more efficient.

Consulting – Frias Commercial has a wealth of experience and knowledge to advise you on your commercial / investment real estate needs. If you are interested in an advisor for a particular project or need assistance with financial or demographic analysis, we can provide you with that type of support.

For more information on these and other services we can provide to assist you with your commercial / investment real estate activities, either call us at 970.4292419 or email us at bill@FriasProperties.com