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Australian Ski Group Celebrates 20 Years of Skiing in Aspen

Posted: 30 Oct 2014

For two decades now, Australian ski tour operator Ski Aspen has been introducing Australians and other internationals to Aspen. And for nearly as long, Ski Aspen have been working hand in hand with Frias Properties of Aspen for all its group accommodation requirements. aEUoeFrias provide our guests with exceptional accommodation and service that consistently exceeds expectations," said Ski Aspen founder Nick Farr.

According to Farr, arriving to the comfort and luxury of our Frias accommodation makes for the perfect start to each guest's holiday. The ski club lodging in Aspen the group uses are the aEUoeicing on the cakeaEU of for Ski Aspen tours, he said. "When you combine the skiing, the town, the environment and the Aspen way of life, you have all the ingredients of the perfect ski holiday," Farr said. "Our guest return rate of around 70 percent each year says it all and it's why we keep coming back. Farr added that, over the years, his company has come to trust Frias Properties. "We can always count on all of our requests and requirements being met seamlessly by the Frias staff, no matter how big or small." This week, our blog team sits down with Ski Aspen's Paul Smythe to find out what makes Aspen so alluring:

Q: Tell us a little bit about Ski Aspen? A: "Ski Aspen is an Australian-based ski travel company with just one destination ... Aspen. Each year, we introduce Australians and other international skiers to the winter wonderland that is Aspen. Providing ski holiday packages that are hard to beat has become second nature to us and with a guest return rate of 65-70 percent each year, we feel our packages are the most exciting, fun and unique ski tours out there."

Q: How long has Ski Aspen been coming to Aspen? A: "Ski Aspen began operating ski tours to Aspen back in 1995. We've brought skiers and snowboarders to Aspen every year since and our popularity has grown to allow us to offer four tours per winter."

Q: Is skiing and snowboarding popular in Australia? A: "Australia does have ski resorts, which many people find hard to believe. There are five main resorts between New South Wales and Victoria and yes, it's a popular leisure activity. Most Australian skiers will travel overseas for a winter ski holiday through the Northern hemisphere winter, too."

Q: What times of year have you visited Aspen? A: "Early January marks our return each year to Aspen. We are lucky enough to spend all of January, February and a little bit of March in Aspen."

Q: What types of activities does your group usually do? A: "Our groups are very sociable and they love to ski, so there's no better place to be than Aspen. Our groups will ski all day and depending on the mountain they finish on, they'll find an aprA"s venue that has great music and a good crowd to celebrate the turns from the day. Dinners out together are always popular to meet up with friends both new and old and everyone likes some time relaxing in the hot tub or heading to the Aspen Club."

Q: How many people are in your usual group? A: "We keep our tours intimate. We take around 25 people per tour and each group is made up of singles, couples and groups of friends/families."

Q: Where does your group usually stay? A: "We stay in the Chateau Chaumont and Chateau Dumont condominiums."

Q: Why do you like it there? A: "The units are perfectly located, just one block from the Silver Queen Gondola. They are cozy with all the comforts of home and have great views. What more could you ask for?"

Q: Do you always book with Frias? A: "Yes."

Q: Why does your group like Frias Properties? A: "Frias is just a phone call away to help with any questions or queries. They always go above and beyond to make sure that our guests are happy and they do more than just check you in and check you out."

Q: If you had to describe the Aspen experience to someone who had never been, what would you say? A: "Why ski one mountain when you can ski FOUR? Aspen caters to everyone's desires, from those who enjoy the groomers to those seeking the steep and deep. The town is alive with an incredible atmosphere and whether you want to fill every minute of your holiday with activities or relax and unwind. ... Aspen will cater to you perfectly."

Q: Which of Aspen's four local mountains does your group mainly ski - Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk or Snowmass? A: "Our groups ski all of Aspen's mountains at least twice, some three times. We love all four Aspen mountains."

Q: How would you describe the skiing there? A: "The skiing in Aspen is on a different scale. Huge runs, big terrain and it cater to every type of skier and boarder. Cruise the groomers or hike for fresh snow; you really can do it all and never get bored on these mountains."

Q: What's your personal favorite Aspen memory? A: "Hiking the Highlands Bowl on a bluebird day after a little fresh snow overnight. Then skiing a few laps of Deep Temerity and finishing the day in Cloud 9!"

Q: Would you tell someone to book through Frias or someone else? A: "We would definitely recommend Frias, hands down."

Q: Why choose Frias? A: "Choose Frias for friendly staff, local knowledge and exceptional service."

Q: Would you recommend Frias lodging to your personal friends? A: "We do! And a number each year come and stay in the Frias properties throughout the winter." Thanks, Nick and Paul! We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!