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Hiring a Property Manager Vs. Going It Alone

When trying to decide between hiring a property management company for your property or doing it DIY, there are many varying opinions on the subject. Many people choose to hire a property manager for their home or second home, mainly because of the numerous challenges of property ownership.This is especially true in Aspen, Colorado, where snow removal and other maintenance issues are vital - and needed on a daily basis. Being VRBO in Aspen may look enticing and more lucrative, but is it?

The property management team at Frias Properties, headed by General Manager Paddy Allen, work tirelessly year-round at each property they manage. According to Paddy, property owners are the backbone of Frias Properties of Aspen. Paddy and the entire Frias team hopes that their owners have the opportunity to enjoy their Aspen homes as much as possible, but when they are away, they can rest assured that Frias provides excellence maintenance to maximize their investment and relieve them of the potential hassle found in a VRBO situation. This week, our blog team sits down with Paddy to discuss the benefits of hiring Frias to manage your property.:

What are some of the challenges of property ownership in Aspen?

A: "Aspen is a small town that sometimes has a big-city feel; you cannot just run down the street to Lowe's or Home Depot to pick up a supplies that many homeowners take for granted in a larger community. The weather here has its extremes and creates its own unique maintenance requirements. ... Owning and maintaining a property from afar is never an easy task."

Q: I am an Aspen condominium owner, interested in renting my property. How can Frias help me?

A: "Frias Properties offers full-service rental management for those interested in short-term rentals as well as seasonal or long-term rentals. Frias has a full-time team of marketing and reservations staff that do a great job representing our rental owners and their properties."

Q: I only want to rent my condo certain times of the year. (I plan on using it other times.) How can Frias help me?

A: "The Frias reservations team, twice a year, sends owner release forms that give each owner the opportunity to block dates for their use. Our owners portal also allows owners to see their bookings to plan last minute trips to Aspen."

Q: What's the risks/benefits of going short term vs. long term or vice versa?

A: "Short-term rentals give the Frias staff an opportunity to constantly be in the unit providing housekeeping and maintenance services. The nightly rates are higher and this does allow for the owner to stay in their condominium for vacations to Aspen. Long term provides a steady income flow throughout the year."

Q: I am an owner, but I am NOT interested in renting my property. How can Frias help me?

A: "Frias provides non-rental property management services to many homeowners. This service allows for an owner to utilize our housekeeping and maintenance staff. Weekly security checks are performed as well as accounting services for paying utilities

Q: Will you pay my bills for me?

A: "Yes we do provide this service."

Q: Explain your aEUoeon-callaEU services.

A: "Frias Properties provides 24/7 on-call maintenance service for after-hours emergencies, lockouts or other needs. Outside of office hours, our answering service fields and dispatches calls to our staff or our security officers.

Q: I won't be around in the winter. Is there someone who will shovel my walkway?

A: "Frias staff can provide shoveling and we can also contract driveway or parking area plowing."

Q: I have house plants that I dearly love. Is there anyone who can take care of them (and water them)?

A: "This service can be provided as frequently as needed."

Q: What about mail and package delivery? As an Aspen condo owner, I may get mail when I am not around.

A: "Our Guest Services department will receive mail and packages and they can be delivered to your home."

Q: If I have a hot tub, who will check the PH balance?

A: "Frias staff performs this service."

Thanks, Paddy! If you are an existing owner with Frias Properties and have further questions, call Paddy directly at (970) 429-2436. If you are not an owner with Frias Properties but are interested in having Frias manage your property, Learn more about Frias property management