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Just the FAQs: Our Front Desk Experts Answer Your Questions About Vacationing in Aspen, Colorado – Part II

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This week, our blog team continues a three-part series on frequently asked questions (FAQs) about vacations and vacation rentals in Aspen, Colorado. Our blog series concludes next week with Part III.

Do you have questions about your Aspen, Colorado, vacation? Need some important info? Our front desk team at Frias Properties of Aspen can help. Over the years, our crew at the front desk has been asked just about every question under the rainbow. This week, Guest Services Manager Lynn (Armstrong) Burton and Front Desk Agent Laura (Meyer) Steimle dig deeper into some frequently asked questions (FAQs). Here we go:

Q: What if I donaEU(tm)t have a reservation? Laura: "Call or come in and we can get a vacation specialist to assist in finding accommodations for you." Lynn: "We cannotA guarantee that we will have an open unit at all times, although we have a large inventory so we are not usually sold out.You can also book online at any time and can call our reservation department toll free at 888-421-7547."

Q: Where do you recommend I stay? Laura: "Depending on your budget, there are many options. Our website is easy to navigate and has plenty of pictures to help you decide." Lynn: "My favorite condo is Chateau Roaring Fork 30.A A I like it because it is on the third (top) level and is a corner unit.A It has a beautifulA view and overlooks the river.A There is an on-site pool and hot-tubs, as well as a small work-out room.A There is a free city bus that comes by every 20 minutes and stops across the street from the condo, then goes into town.A The location is quiet and very pretty, and the condo itself is very comfortable for families." Q: WhataEU(tm)s the difference between a aEUoecondoaEU and a regular hotel room? Lynn: "Our condominiums include full kitchens as well as living space, inA addition toA separated bedrooms (excluding the studio condos).A Our hotel rooms do not have living spaceA separated from the bedrooms and do not have full kitchens (most have small sinks and small fridges, but no major appliances)." A

Q: Is there parking? Laura: "There is parking at most of the buildings, and in the case of limited parking in the lot, we have city parking permits available when you check in." Lynn: "Most homes have drivewaysA and most condominium complexes have on-site parking, but it varies depending on the property. We also provide street-parking permits for our rental guests if needed. The Independence Square Hotel provides street-parking permits for its guests."

Q: Should I rent a car? A Laura: "Because of the limited parking in Aspen, it is easier to walk. However, if you want to explore other mountains on your trip, a car might be convenient. We also have one of the best bus systems in the state with plenty of shuttle/bus maps to help you find the best route."

Q: How do I plan my skiing outing? Lynn: "Contact our concierge at 970-925-9075 or e-mail Concierge@FriasProperties.comA for assistance, or call Aspen Ski Company at 970-925-1220."

Q: What do you recommend I do in the SUMMER? Laura: "There are many companies that offer deals on fishing, rafting, horseback riding, hiking trails and trips that include amenities such as a moonlight horseback ride and dinner for the group on the way. The concierge has all of the information and brochures." Lynn: "There are numerous trails in and around Aspen and the Roaring Fork River is easilyA accessible and guide trips are offered by several vendors in town.A There are also vendors that offer four-wheeling and offroading. My favorite is hiking and I like the Ute Trail and Smuggler Mountain, which are both within city limits and have fantasticA views all the way up.A The Ute is a bit more difficult than Smuggler."

Q: What do you recommend I do in the WINTER? Laura: "Ski!" Lynn: "I also would recommend checking out the freeA live music that is at the base of the gondola often during the winter, usually on Friday evenings.A My favoriteA events during winter are the multiple firework displays."