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Just the FAQs: Our Front Desk Experts Answer Your Questions About Vacationing in Aspen, Colorado – Part III

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This week, our blog team concludes a three-part series on frequently asked questions (FAQs) about vacations and vacation rentals in Aspen, Colorado.

At Frias Properties of Aspen, our front desk agents handle all kinds of requests. Their main focus is to assist guests and potential guests with anything they might need. Which made our blog team wonder: What are some of the most frequently asked questions at the front desk? This week we wrap up our Q&A with Guest Services Manager Lynn (Armstrong) Burton and Front Desk Agent Laura (Meyer) Steimle. Here are our questions, and their answers:

Q: What restaurants do you recommend? Laura: "I personally like the more down-to-earth restaurants with a family feel. Little Annie's and The Red Onion are two of my favorites - and they are moderately priced. Our concierge also has a list of restaurants with descriptions and price range for all tastes. Contact our concierge at 970-925-9075 or e-mail Concierge@FriasProperties.comA for more assistance."

Lynn: "I like Jimmy's American Restaurant andA Finbarr's Irish Pub for evening and dinner.A My favorite lunch spot is Johnny McGuire's (grab a sandwich) and New York Pizza for a quick slice.A Poppycock's andA BB's Kitchen are the best for breakfast/brunch." A

Q: What if I need my condo cleaned? Laura: "Usually, with your reservation, daily housekeeping is included." Lynn: "Most reservations include daily housekeeping, but ask when booking.A If guests need to change or request housekeeping they can contact the front desk during business hours and usually the request can be met that day.A Advance requests are preferable." A

Q: What if I have a special request? Laura: "Call the front desk or the concierge and we will try to help accomplish anything you might need." Q: Can I send and receive mail? Laura: "Mail can be sent to the office you checked in at. Addressed to you, c/oA Frias.A Putting the unit that you will be staying in will help expedite the process also." Lynn: "Outgoing mail and packages can be sent out with our desks' mail (go to your check-in location).A There are also a few mailboxes around town where mail can be dropped and a post office if needed (contact us for directions). Fed Ex has a store where packages can be sent from and UPS has a few drop boxes, but we also have weekday UPS pick-ups at our main office, 730 E. Durant Avenue."

Q: I have a package coming in the mail. Will it show up to my condo? Laura: "It will show up at the office and can be either picked up by you, or delivered to your unit."

Q: How do I get back to the airport? Laura: "We can arrange a car for your departure. Just call the front desk with the details." Lynn: "Please call your check-in location in advance and we will arrange your airport transportation.A It is complimentary.A If you are driving yourself, please ask us for directions if needed."

Q: What if I forget something? Laura: "Call us and we will do our best to get it back to you in a timely manner." Lynn: "We often have a quick turnaround of our rental properties, but any items found by housekeeping are kept in lost and found.A We will do our best to find the item (if not already found) and we can arrange to send it to the guest."

Q: Why choose Frias? Laura: "We are the best at what we do!" Lynn: "Frias honestly cares about its guests and we strive to do everything possible to make our guests comfortable. Frias Properties offers a wide range of rental properties all over town inA most price ranges and we offer a personal touch that most hotels do not.A We also offer complimentary passes to the Aspen Club and Spa for our guests to enjoy.A All guests (excluding the Independence Square Hotel) receive complimentary transportation to and from the airport and our luxury-rental guests receive free in-town transportation as well.A We offer concierge services and daily housekeeping (most reservations)."