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Not-So-Bummer Summer: How to Plan that Perfect Summer Vacation to Aspen, Colorado

Posted: 3 Apr 2013

BLOG NOTE: This blog post is from a previous season. To view our most recent blog posts, click here.

Aspen definitely has its allure during the winter months, but each year more and more guests are flocking to this small mountain town during the warm weather months, mainly because of the exceptional climate as well as the vast number of outdoor activities available. The list of summer activities is endless, offering everything from horseback riding to bird watching to whitewater rafting. So how do you weed through all these options and plan the perfect family or couples summer vacation?

This week, our blog team recruited Frias Properties reservations manager Jennifer Steele to help us plan one spectacular and memorable summer getaway, complete with lodging options and plenty of things to do. Below, Jen answers a few of our questions.

Q: I'm hoping you can help me plan the perfect Aspen vacation. I have a fairly open budget. What's the first thing I need to know?

A: "I would recommend to bring your active gear and romp around natures playground as much as possible. Summer activities are endless: horseback, rafting, hiking the Maroon Bells, local Aspen terrain and Independence Pass views are breathtaking."

Q: When should I plan to come? I'm pretty open and would like to see some cool activities.

A: "Aspen hosts many different exciting events and festivals throughout the year."

Q: Should I fly in to Aspen or to Denver? Or somewhere else?

A: "Aspen is the easiest airport to fly into. However, some other great options are Eagle, CO (1.5 hr.), Grand Junction, CO (2 hrs.), and Denver (3-3.5 hr.). If you fly into Denver you can arrange transportation to and from the airport through Colorado Mountain Express."

Q: What if I drive to Aspen? Is there parking?

A: "Yes, you can park just outside of the downtown walking. You are welcome to part with a permit. Downtown parking is available by the hour."

Q: Do I really need a car?

A: "You do not need a car as Aspen is only 5 blocks from one end of town to the other and has a great free local shuttle bus. However, summer is a great time to explore local scenery and nearby towns. You don't need a car, but if you happen to have a car with you, I would recommend some of these attractions: Ride up Independence Pass to the old mining town, Grottos and Continental Divide; Glenwood Springs has the famous Hot Springs pool; enjoy a ducky ride down the Colorado river; or rent a bike to cruise the Colorado bike path traveling along the river; visit the town of Redstone for lunch."

Q: What are your Top 3 summer lodging choices? Remember, I have a fairly open budget.

A: "I would recommend the luxury Ritz-Carlton Club, Hyatt Grand Aspen, St. Regis Residence Club. Condominiums options along the Roaring Fork river are amazing, and the Galena neighborhood as well."

Q: What are the perks of booking luxury?

A: "Some amazing amenities included in our luxury residence club packages are: Spas and health club on site; "Kidz Game Room" on site; on-site pool and Jacuzzi; five-star services; and around town transportation."

Q: What are a few really elitist things I can do in Aspen?

A: "Visit the Caribou Club, a local unique fine dining experience; paraglide through the mountains; raft the Colorado River; and hike a '14er;' or head over to Crested Butte during wildflower season (spring)."

Q: Where can I eat?

A: "Call our Concierge at (970) 925-2449 for a list of amazing Aspen restaurants."

Q: OK, what should I splurge on?

A: "Our local shops have all the latest fashion trends for your enjoyment. I would recommend to pack light and bring home a piece of Aspen with you. Winter fun - Enjoy the exciting new colorful snow gear Aspen has to offer. Summer fun - Definitely hit up the local farmers markets for great Aspen local gifts for friends and family."

Thanks for the great recommendations! As Jennifer said, if you have any questions about summer planning, call our concierge desk at (970) 925-2449. For booking information and assistance planning your Aspen getaway, call one of our vacation specialists right now at (800) 633-0336.