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What Does It Take To Have a Vacation-Ready Condo Rental?

Posted: 13 Jul 2016

Ever wonder what it takes to prepare your condominium for rental? There are a lot of steps involved, but a seasoned Aspen property management company like Frias Properties knows what it takes to get a property vacation-ready. This week, our blog team takes a closer look at how the Frias team prepares a new vacation rental.

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Upon signing a rental agreement with the Frias managing partners, one of Frias' property managers will tour your property, along with a member of the housekeeping management team and a reservations manager. The property manager is always a main point of contact for any owner. The Frias team will work with owners to outfit the property with whatever is needed for a rental. From linens and bathroom items to landscaping and snow removal, the Frias team will summarize what is needed, and can even assist with price estimates, purchasing and installation of any new items.

Each vacation residence is then carefully evaluated based on detailed criteria covering condition, quality, interior/exterior appearance and amenities. Then it is categorized as economy, standard, deluxe and luxury being the finest quality accommodations available.

To help communicate and differentiate accommodations for our guests, Frias has developed a set of standards and customer-based descriptions, which appear with each property description:

Luxury: An exclusive group of high end extraordinary residences which are so luxurious and unique that they are in a class of their own. The finest of accommodations which provide many of the following amenities such as spa, workout room, steam shower, game room, Jacuzzi tubs, media room, wine room and great room. The decor is professionally detailed. Hand crafted wood and stone workmanship are a must. Walk in closets and elevators. Views which are awe inspiring, a professional kitchen, and staff upon request. Truly a property for the discriminating expecting simply the best.

To meet this rating the property must have 75% or more of the following criteria:

  • New construction within the last 5 years
  • High end finishes including granite/marble/stone, cabinets of fine woods, warm fabrics throughout
  • Sophisticated lighting and window coverings, new appliances, fixtures and cabinetry
  • Pillow top mattresses with high quality pillows and bedding
  • Large screen flat panel television along with extensive audio and visual equipment throughout
  • Well-appointed accessories and fine art
  • Fine furniture which is new and enhances the overall quality of the property
  • Extensive amenities and services, fitness equipment pool and hot tub and or spa
  • High speed internet service
  • Air conditioning
  • Garage or dedicated parking

Deluxe: Tastefully designed homes, townhomes and condominiums which are thoughtfully and well appointed. These upscale accommodations featuring a designer touch that includes excellent furnishings, art, and top-quality amenities. Access to an on-site spa or pool is usually available. The property will have a fireplace along with superior audio and visual equipment which are some of the special features. These properties are updated with light bright and open characteristics. Great views, appealing exterior design and strong locations are also of weighted consideration.

To meet this rating the property must have 75% or more of the following criteria:

  • Remodeled extensively within the last 10 years
  • Updated finishes including stone/tile counter tops, hardwood floors or new carpet, newer style cabinetry
  • Contemporary lighting fixtures and window coverings, new appliances, updated fixtures and cabinetry
  • Pillow top mattresses with high quality pillows and bedding
  • Flat panel televisions in living room and master DVD/VCR, telephones in all bedrooms
  • Well-appointed accessories and art
  • Up to date furniture recently installed
  • Pool and hot tub
  • High speed internet service
  • Air conditioning or evaporative cooler
  • Garage or dedicated parking

Standard: These moderate condominium units are inviting and pleasing to most families and groups. The accommodations are tastefully decorated and feature quality furnishings and appointments. These comfortable yet pleasant accommodations provide many of the basic comforts and conveniences. Most units will feature a fireplace and all have complete kitchens. Views may be partially or fully blocked. Locations range from one to five blocks to the gondola.

Economy: Our most affordable rating; modest units that contain furnishings that are somewhat dated yet well maintained. These properties all have complete kitchens and most offer wood burning fire places. While staying at one of these properties, Aspen is truly fun and affordable.

Once a rating has been established, then it's time for the Frias marketing and reservations teams to take over. The marketing team photographs the new property and crafts an accurate description of all the amenities that the unit offers, and make sure it is properly displayed on our web site. The reservations team works tirelessly with an extensive network of vendors worldwide, including major suppliers like and VRBO outfits to make sure the property is seen and booked online. The reservations team also oversees rentals to make sure owners maximize their rental potential season after season. Once revenue begins to come in, the Frias accounting team manages the bills, provides owners with a monthly report, and is always available to answer any bookkeeping questions.