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1031 Exchange Information


1031 exchanges are one of the last remaining tax savings tools for property owners and one all Sellers should be aware of. The advantages of these exchanges are significant if constructed correctly.

We advise all our clients to consult with professionals to structure their exchanges correctly and certainly recommend the Asset Preservation Company.

We hope you find the attached information helpful in understanding the basics of the types of 1031 exchanges available and how they work.

-Chuck Frias, Managing Partner/Broker

Current 1031 Exchange Information

Click the link below to view relevant issues from Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. A new window will open to save/print the document.

1031 Exchange Information

If you have any questions, a Frias broker will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Call our main office at (970) 920-2000 and ask to speak to a broker about 1031 Exchange Information.

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