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Aspen Mountain

The crown jewel, locally known as “Ajax,” Aspen Mountain is where it all began. A storied past meets a forward-thinking perspective in a town that pulsates with people and experiences. A true legend of a mountain that will take you above and beyond any other skiing or riding experience, Aspen Mountain welcomes everyone with a taste for adventure.

  • Base Elevation (Feet/Meters) | 7,945 ft/2,422 m
  • Summit Elevation (Feet/Meters) |11,212 ft/3,418 m | (Top of Hero's 11,262 ft/3,433 m)
  • Vertical Rise (Feet/Meters) | 3,317 ft/1,011 m
  • Terrain | 828 acres/335 hectares
  • Number of Trails | 127
  • Miles/km of Trails (Miles/Kilometers) | 64 mi/103 km
  • Longest Run (Miles/Kilometers) | 3 mi/4.8 km
  • Steepest Runs | Elevator Shaft section of the Silver Queen run | Slope angle of 42 degrees
  • Snowmaking | 225 acres/91 hectares 
  • Lifts | 9, including 1 six-passenger gondola
  • Restaurants | 4 total - Sundeck, Bonnie’s, Ajax Tavern, and Element 47 at The Little Nell at the base.

Aspen Highlands

Both its history and renegade personality are proof that this mountain was born different. Race down its perfectly groomed, wide open cruisers. Charge its technical tree runs off Deep Temerity. Hike the ridge and ski or ride the 270-acre (109 ha) Highland Bowl, then toast the day at the energized après experience found only at Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro. The options are endless on this maverick mountain.

  • Base Elevation (Feet/Meters) | 8,040 ft/2,451 m
  • Summit Elevation (Feet/Meters) | 11,675 ft/3,559 m | (Top of Highland Bowl 12,392 ft/3,777 m)
  • Vertical Rise (Feet/Meters) | 3,635 ft/1,108 m
  • Terrain | 1,040 acres/421 hectares
  • Number of Trails | 144
  • Miles/km of Trails (Miles/Kilometers) | 84 mi/135 km
  • Longest Run (Miles/Kilometers) | 3.5 mi/5.6 km
  • Steepest Runs | Go-Go Gully, Highland Bowl – slope angle of 48 degrees
  • Snowmaking | 121 acres/49 hectares
  • Lifts | 5
  • Restaurants | 4 total – Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro (lunches and snowcat dinners), Highlands Alehouse, Merry-Go-Round and Willow Creek Bistro.


Made for beginners, mastered by professionals, and enjoyed by all, Buttermilk is a playground packed with greens, blues, and stunning views. From kiddos learning at The Hideout—one of North America’s most renowned centers for ski and snowboard education—to folks trying out the terrain park or giving uphilling a go for the first time, at Buttermilk, it’s all about learning and playing. An easy-going mountain designed to help children and beginners fall in love with winter sports on flowing, forgiving runs, Buttermilk’s same friendly terrain is the perfect landscape for professional athletes to win global titles at world class events like X Games Aspen.

  • Base Elevation (Feet/Meters) | 7,870 ft/2,400 m
  • Summit Elevation (Feet/Meters) | 9,900 ft/3,018 m
  • Vertical Rise (Feet/Meters) | 2,030 ft/618 m
  • Terrain | 470 acres/190 hectares
  • Number of Trails | 44
  • Miles/km ofTtrails (Miles/Kilometers) | 21 mi/34 km
  • Longest Run (Miles/Kilometers) | 3 mi/4.8 km
  • Snowmaking |108 acres/44 hectares
  • Lifts | 8
  • Park & Pipe | 2 terrain parks. Buttermilk Park has over 100 features including a 22-foot superpipe and an X Games slopestyle course. For the beginner, Ski & Snowboard Schools Park (S3 Park).
  • Restaurants | 2 total – Buttermilk Mountain Lodge and Cliffhouse.


Our largest mountain is vast in both charm and terrain. Snowmass’ wide-open layout creates space for every visitor to find their dream getaway. Snowmass Village is a cozy resort town delivering dining, shopping, and entertainment for all ages, all day and evening long. And on mountain, a myriad of offerings for every season—including more than 3,300 acres (1,336 ha) of skiable terrain, the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster, tubing, the Treehouse Kids’ Adventure Center, and more—means unlimited potential for the entire family to find ways to play.

  • Base Elevation (Feet/Meters) | 8,110 ft/2,472 m
  • Summit Elevation (Feet/Meters) | 12,510 ft/3,813 m 
  • Vertical Rise (Feet/Meters) | 4,440 ft/1,341 m (The most vertical in the USA)
  • Terrain | 3,342 acres/1,352 hectares
  • Number of Trails | 98
  • Miles/km of Trails (Miles/Kilometers) | 147 mi/237 km
  • Longest Run (Miles/Kilometers) | 5.3 mi/8.5 km
  • Steepest Runs | Gowdy’s and AMF – slope angle of 40 degrees
  • Snowmaking | 310 acres/125 hectares
  • Lifts | 20, including 1 eight-passenger gondola
  • Parks & Pipes | 3 terrain parks – perfect for all levels of riding. Drop into the superpipe at the Snow Park Technologies-designed Snowmass Park; practice in the quarterpipe at Makaha Park; or try the easier rails to learn the basics in Lowdown Park. 
  • Restaurants | 8 total – Elk Camp, Lynn Britt Cabin (lunches and snowcat dinner rides), Sam’s, Two Creeks Café, Ullrhof, Up 4 Pizza, High Alpine, and the NEW Alpin Room.