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Aspen area serves up some pretty sweet tennis options

A widely popular spectator sport, tennis is also enjoyed by millions who play for recreation as singles or doubles. Tennis is an excellent form of exercise aEU" it doesnaEU(tm)t matter if itaEU(tm)s played leisurely or played competitively. A Residents and guests of Aspen, Colorado, have a couple of options if they want to take to the courts. Pam Bakios, our Frias Properties real estate office manager, knows a thing or two about tennis. SheaEU(tm)s been playing tennis for more than 20 years and has some excellent first-hand knowledge of all the great area tennis locations. Below, she shares her knowledge as part of our continuing Q&A series.

Q: When did you first start playing tennis? A: aEUoeIn my early 20s off and on. I really started to play in late 1980s and became serious in the 1990s.aEU

Q: Where did you learn to play? A: aEUoeI played some in Massachusetts and San Diego. I became more tennis-oriented when I moved to Aspen. I played on various tennis teams at the Snowmass Club. I played in the Denver regionals three times.aEU

Q: What tennis clubs in the valley have you been to? A: aEUoeThe Aspen Club, Snowmass Club, River Valley Ranch, Aspen Golf & Tennis Club, Aspen Meadows and Maroon Creek Club.aEU

Q: Which local club is your favorite? A: aEUoeThe Snowmass Club. I love the breathtaking views, the courts, weight and cardio rooms aEU" plus the Sage restaurant. You can have your lunch on the outdoor deck or by the swimming pool.aEU

Q: Are there clay and grass courts around here? A: aEUoeThere are mainly hard courts and Har-Tru clay courts. I havenaEU(tm)t seen any grass courts in the valley.aEU

Q: What is the best time of year to play tennis in the valley? A: aEUoeI love Summer and Fall because you can play and enjoy the outdoors.aEU

Q: I need lessons. Where should go? A: aEUoeI think the Snowmass Club or Aspen Meadows would be two good places to learn.aEU

Q: I have children that need lessons. Is that possible? A: aEUoeYes. Most of the clubs have a pro and/or tennis instructor that can teach them the basics of the game.aEU

Q: What should I wear to the club? A: aEUoeTennis outfits, shorts and tennis shoes. You shouldnaEU(tm)t wear other types of shoes since you need the lateral support in a tennis shoe.aEU

Q: WhereaEU(tm)s a good place to get equipment around here? A: aEUoeAll the clubs have some type of equipment. You can demo a racket to see if you like it. It all depends what you are looking for in a racket.aEU

Q: Do I pay by the hour to rent a court or how does that work? A: aEUoeYou can play at the Snowmass Club, Aspen Club and Aspen Meadows. You might pay a club fee and an hourly fee to play. The Snowmass Club will allow visitors to play for a fee between the hours of 12-4 p.m. Just telephone the club that youaEU(tm)re interested in to receive up-to-date information.aEU

Q: Are there tournaments that I can enter? A: aEUoeThere are a few tournaments around the valley. They usually have a Labor Day tournament at the Aspen Golf & Tennis Club.aEU Thanks, Pam! HereaEU(tm)s a little more information below: When you book your stay with Frias Properties of Aspen, you will receive complimentary passes to the Aspen Club & Spa, the valley's premier full-service spa and workout facility. Passes to the Aspen Club & Spa can be obtained from any Frias front desk during regular business hours. The Aspen Club & Spa has tennis courts available. CLICK HERE for more info. The Aspen Tennis Club, located just outside of Aspen along Highway 82, offers six classic clay courts. At Iselin Park (adjacent to the Aspen Recreation Center) along Maroon Creek Road, there are two hard courts. The Iselin Park courts require no reservations and are first come, first serve. The Aspen Tennis Club offers lessons to children and adults daily during season, which begin the week of June 4, 2012. The club is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily at both facilities through October. Court rental at the club is $22 per hour at the Aspen Tennis Club. Please call the Aspen Tennis Club to reserve a court. Ball machines can also be rented for $20 per hour for passholders and $30 for non-passholders. Tennis balls can be purchased at the Aspen Recreation Center. The club also offers a number of tournaments and aEUoetennis boot campsaEU during the season. For more information or to reserve a court at the Aspen Tennis Club, call (970) 429-2869 or CLICK HERE. The Snowmass Club offers 13 tennis courts, including 11 outdoor courts with breathtaking views. A crew of experienced instructors are available to cater to your needs. The team is led by Gayle Godwin, a former U.S. Olympic coach! For more information, call (970) 923-5600 or CLICK HERE. There are four cushioned hard courts and two clay courts at the Aspen Meadows Tennis Center. For more information, CLICK HERE. River Valley Ranch, located downvalley in Carbondale, offers five Har-Tru courts with views of Mt. Sopris. For more information, CLICK HERE. The Estate at Starwood, a 7-bedroom private residence on Red Mountain offered by Frias Properties, has it's own private tennis court! This home has big views, an indoor pool and hot tub, a movie theater and luxury finishes throughout! To view this amazing property, CLICK HERE or call (970) 429-2415 and speak to our broker, Will Burggraf. To reserve your lodging now with Frias, CLICK HERE or call (800) 633-0336 or (970) 920-2000 to speak with a vacation specialist NOW!