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Aspen, Colorado in the Summer is Active or Laid Back - Whichever You Want

Posted: 1 Apr 2015

Aspen, Colorado attracts all types of people. If you take a stroll downtown during the summer months, you'll see everyone from age 5 to 95. Younger people love Aspen's outdoor adventure and active lifestyle. Older people love the outdoors as well, just maybe a little more laid back. With a wide variety of activities - ranging from active to mellow - there's no shortage of outdoor activities.

This week, our blog team takes a closer look at both types of adventure with the help of Frias extranet specialist Jenny Jacque. Jenny has been known to do everything from hiking 14,000-foot mountains to more serene horseback riding outings with family. Let's see what Jenny has to say about Aspen's outdoor fun.

Q: Do more people come to Aspen in the summer for sport, or to relax? A: "Sport. There are so many fun activities to participate in. The possibilities to be outside are endless."

Q: Tell us about some of the outdoor adventure that Aspen offers in the summer. (Jenny provided this great list!)

  • Rafting: Many companies to choose from, different locations as well. Easy float trips for families or more technical if you like
  • Hiking: Everything from easy hiking trails for families with the kids, to extremely technical climbs. Many people come and hike 14ers in the area.
  • Biking: Either mountain biking, road biking to the Maroon Bells or Ashcroft, or just renting cruisers and checking out town.
  • Fly fishing: some of the best places to go in the country; outfitters can take you and show you the sweet spots.
  • Camping: Near or far
  • Horseback riding: There are some amazing places that you can see by horseback. Outfitters can plan day or overnight trips.

Q: What are some of the more physically demanding outdoor sports? A: "Kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking (more technical 14ers), trail running."

Q: What are some popular leisure activities in Aspen in the summer? A: "Float trips; rafting; Frisbee golf at the top of Aspen Mountain; golfing; fly-fishing; horseback riding; sitting outside the [Benedict] Music Tent on a Sunday afternoon with a bottle of wine."

Q: Why do you think people choose Aspen for outdoor and on-mountain adventure? A: "Because the weather is fantastic. Not humid or too hot. People are escaping from the hot Texas and Florida weather. Plus the scenery is AMAZING!"

Q: What makes Aspen attractive for those looking for a relaxing getaway? A: "Tons of music options and a lively art and cultural scene."

Q: Where do you think Aspen gets its laid-back spirit from? A: "The locals. All of us have moved here because we love the great outdoors, so why not submerse ourselves in it."

Q: When's a good time to visit Aspen if I want a more scenic, laid-back getaway? A: "September. You miss out on the huge crowds of the summer and when the leaves are changing it is truly something to see."

Q: What's been your favorite laid-back experience in Aspen? A: "Horseback riding with my family. They came in late September and the colors were going off. Weather was amazing. We went and rode in Old Snowmass and the next day rode to Capitol Lake. It was 2 days of riding for about 8 hours, but the views and experience were unforgettable."