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Aspen Nightlife, Part I: Insider Tips For A Memorable Night Out On The Town

Posted: 27 Feb 2013

This week, our blog team begins a two-part series on Aspen nightlife. The series will include insider tips from the Frias Properties staff on how to create a memorable night in Aspen, Colorado. Aspen, Colorado, might be as well known for its nightlife as it is for its skiing. With a plethora or arts, entertainment and culture around every corner of this tiny mountain town, Aspen offers something for everyone. But when the show's over, or that concert's final encore has played, what happens next? Aspen's nightlife culture awaits.

For ideas on where to go and what to do, we started right at the top with our Frias Properties head concierge Mariya Mitsinova. Mariya runs our concierge desk, located at the Fasching Haus, 747 S. Galena St., and spends most of her day making recommendations to our valued guests. For everything from dinner reservations to paragliding adventures, Mariya handles it all.

To contact Mariya directly, e-mail or call the concierge desk at (970) 925-9075.A Below, Mariya lends her expertise to our night-out planning.

Q: WhereaEU(tm)s your favorite place to grab a bite to eat in Aspen? A: "The bar at LaEU(tm)Hostaria Ristorante."

Q: What do you recommend to eat there? A: "Try the pasta (homemade) and the beef Carpaccio."

Q: Any good breakfast spots? A: "BBaEU(tm)s Kitchen and Main Street Bakery."

Q: What local restaurant has the best value? A: "LaEU(tm)Hostaria, JimmyaEU(tm)s and the Wild Fig. Pinons and Ellina are more pricey, but totally worth it."

Q: WhereaEU(tm)s your favorite place for aprA"s-ski in Aspen? A: "39 Degrees at the Sky Hotel aEU" great ambiance and bar food."

Q: WhataEU(tm)s your favorite bar in Aspen? A: "EricaEU(tm)s Bar."

Q: What do you typically order at a bar? A: "Wine or a cocktail."

Q: WhataEU(tm)s the atmosphere/crowd like at your favorite bar? A: "Young crowd of partiers."

Q: WhereaEU(tm)s the best place to bust a move, cut a rug, or do the Dougie? A: "The Regal and Escobar."

Q: ItaEU(tm)s 6 p.m. on Friday night. What should I be doing? A: "Having a drink with friends at FinbarraEU(tm)s Irish Pub."

Q: ItaEU(tm)s 9 p.m. on Saturday night. What should I be doing? A: "Getting ready to go to EricaEU(tm)s Bar after a good dinner. If there is a good concert at Belly Up aEU" donaEU(tm)t miss it!" Q: Where should I be when the clock strikes midnight? A: "The Regal or Escobar."

Q: Give us a tip for X Games weekend. A: "All the bars in town will be too crowded. Plan ahead aEU" get in as early as possible."

Q: Give us a tip for Christmas/New Years. A: "Make your dinner reservations at least one month in advance. Most of the restaurants sell out fast."

Q: Ever use a local cab service? How was that? A: "Yes, all the time aEU" High Mountain Taxi. Reliable service but call ahead of time to schedule a ride."

Q: Ever use the local bus? WhataEU(tm)s that like at 2 a.m.? A: "This is the so-called 'party bus.' All the party people will be on it after the clubs close." Check back next time when we take our survey to the Frias main office at 730 E. Durant for its staff recommendations!