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Aspen Nightlife, Part II: Insider Tips For A Memorable Night Out On The Town

Posted: 5 Mar 2013

This week, our blog team concludes a two-part series on Aspen nightlife. The series includes entertainment insider tips from the Frias Properties of Aspen staff on how to create a memorable night in Aspen, Colorado.

Looking to plan a memorable night in Aspen? Our blog team has the options for you! Whether you're looking to party down or searching for a more intimate affair, we've got you covered! There's plenty to do in this small mountain community, and one thing you'll never run short on is options. This week, our blog team sits downs with a few staffers at the Frias main vacation rentals office, 730 E. Durant Ave., to get their take on what do (and what not to miss) when in Aspen.

Q: WhereaEU(tm)s your favorite place to grab a bite to eat in Aspen? Jenny Jacque (Frias extranet specialist): "Elevation." Kevin Burton (Frias web marketing manager): "Hickory House." Kristi Gray (Silverglo front desk manager): "My favorite place to get dinner in Aspen is Pinons.A A steakhouse with a variety of traditional American dishes to choose from including chicken, steak, fish, and pasta you canaEU(tm)t go wrong!A A little on the higher end, this is a great spot for a special occasion.A Pinons provides a welcoming atmosphere and a great patio overlooking town in the summer." Lynn Armstrong (Frias guest services manager): "NY Pizza or 520 Grill for faster meals, JimmyaEU(tm)s for sit-down meals."

Q: What do you recommend to eat there? Jenny: "Mussles, Tofu curry, chicken pate; entire bar menu is GREAT." Kevin: "Ribs." Kristi: "I recommend the freddy salad and the filet mignon." Lynn: "NY Pizza - cheese slice. 520 Grill - buffalo burger and fries. JimmyaEU(tm)s - beef porterhouse for two." A

Q: Any good breakfast spots? Jenny: "Main Street Bakery." Kevin: "Ink! Coffee. Try a 'Black & White.'" Lynn: "PoppycockaEU(tm)s or BBaEU(tm)s Kitchen."

Q: What local restaurant has the best value? Kevin: "La Cantina. Affordable full meals." Kristi: "JimmyaEU(tm)s bar menu provides a different entrA(c)e each night (Monday through Thursday??) for only $15.A It is a great meal and a good time that doesnaEU(tm)t break the bank." Lisa Jennings (Frias group sales manager): "Justice Snow for food." Lynn: "Jimmy's."

Q: WhereaEU(tm)s your favorite place for aprA"s-ski in Aspen? Jenny: "Mezzuluna. Good specials, not overly crowded, bar and outside seating.A GREAT pizzas." Kevin: "Happy hour at Su Casa." Kristi: "39 Degrees at the Sky hotel is a great time for aprA"s-ski .A Friendly bartenders, ski movies playing, and music you cant help but finding yourself move to are only a few of the things 39 Degrees has to offer."

Q: WhataEU(tm)s your favorite bar in Aspen? Kevin: "Aspen Brewing Company. Great local craft brews." Lisa: "The Red Onion." Lynn: "Aspen Brewery and FinbarraEU(tm)s."

Q: What do you typically order at a bar? Jenny: "Gin." Kevin: "Beer or whiskey." Lisa: "Ketel soda." Lynn: "Champagne or beer."

Q: WhataEU(tm)s the atmosphere/crowd like at your favorite bar? Jenny: "Bar seating or tables.A Laid back.A Casual." Kevin: "Casual. Live music nights are great!" Lisa: "Relaxed, mostly locals." Lynn: "Busy (but not too busy) ... but friendly."

Q: WhereaEU(tm)s the best place to bust a move, cut a rug, or do the Dougie? Jenny: "I like doinaEU(tm) the Dougie in the comfort of my own living room." Kevin: "The Belly Up during a great concert!" Lisa: "Depending on the show, Belly Up, or the Regal." Lynn: "Escobar."

Q: ItaEU(tm)s 6 p.m. on Friday night. What should I be doing? Jenny: "Shot and a beer $3.50 at Little Annie's." Kevin: "Making dinner reservations for later. Try JimmyaEU(tm)s (American) or Cache Cache (French)." Lisa: "39 Degrees at the Sky Hotel." Lynn: "Happy Hour at La Cantina or Su Casa."

Q: ItaEU(tm)s 9 p.m. on Saturday night. What should I be doing? Kevin: "Heading to the Belly Up for a show." Lisa: "Eric's Bar." Lynn: "Bar hopping on the mall."

Q: Where should I be when the clock strikes midnight? Kevin: "Grab a slice at NY Pizza. They're open late." Lynn: "At a show at the Belly Up."

Q: Give me a tip for X Games weekend. Kevin: "Take the free bus to Buttermilk! ItaEU(tm)s a 5 minute ride and thereaEU(tm)s no parking out there anyway." Kristi: "There are Jeeps parked up towards the St .Regis, which will take you to the X Games for free all weekend after you fill out a quick survey regarding your dream Jeep.A They will pick you up as well and this is a great way to avoid the long bus lines.A Also going to watch the practice as opposed to the games themselves help avoid crowds and provide much better viewing." Lisa: "Get yourself into the private parties."

Q: Give me a tip for Christmas/New Years. Kevin: "Make reservations early. Plan early. Do everything early." Kristi: "Be sure to make a reservation way in advance for wherever you would like to go.A Things book very quickly this time of year." Lisa: "Find a good house party." Lynn: "If you have kids, the 12 Days of Christmas has many fun family activities including meeting Santa and his reindeer. Make sure to catch both the 8 p.m. and the midnight fireworks!"

Q: Ever use a local cab service? How was that? Jenny: "925-TAXI. They sometimes take a bit to get there if it is 2 a.m.A EveryoneaEU(tm)s trying to get a lift home." Kevin: "No. I live in town so I walk everywhere!" Lynn: "Our guests like High Mountain Taxi."

Q: Ever use the local bus? WhataEU(tm)s that like at 2 a.m.? Jenny: "Loud and obnoxious." Kevin: "You canaEU(tm)t beat the free bus." Kristi: "The bus is a great resource and very easy to use.A The drivers are very willing to help you figure out how to get where you need to be.A Be prepared for a rowdy ride if you are taking the 2 a.m." Lynn: "The buses are wonderful and reliable, although IaEU(tm)d rather not be on one at 2 a.m."