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Aspen Property Management by Frias Properties

Let Us Care For Your Property

Property owners are the backbone of Frias Properties of Aspen. We understand the challenges of property ownership in Aspen and we work tirelessly to maximize your investment.

Long-time locals and Frias Properties managing partners Chuck Frias (left) and Tim Clark (right) possess the experience, resources and commitment that are required to successfully manage, maintain and market your Aspen investment property.

We hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy your Aspen home away from home as much as possible. But when you're away, you can rest assured that Frias Properties will provide excellent property maintenance and bring uests to your property year after year.

Services We Offer for Short-Term Rentals

The following list highlights some of the services we offer for those who choose our short-term rental agreement. This is perfect for owners who want to use their property some during the year, and rent out their unused time for profit.

  • Complimentary health and fitness club passes for all short-term property rental guests and owners
  • Transportation services to and from the Aspen airport
  • Experienced personnel on call 24-hours-a-day
  • National marketing program and toll free number for reservation calls and owner requests
  • Full concierge service including office services, faxes, shipping, etc.
  • Bathroom amenities including face and bath soaps, shampoo, lotion, and lip balm
  • Weekly unoccupied unit security checks
  • Monthly owner statements
  • Discounts at Aspen Sports & Stapleton Sports
  • Internet Website and complete e-mail access

Transportation, front desk and concierge services are covered by our monthly management fee, which varies depending on property location and size. Housekeeping and maintenance services are billed by the hour.

Our team performs a weekly secure inspection when occupied:

  • Check internal temperature
  • Check excessive snow loads
  • Check for storm damage
  • Check for vandalism
  • Check for animal entrance
  • Check house perimeter
  • Confirm telephone service
  • Check electric breaker panel
  • Check mechanical room systems
  • Check refrigeration
  • Flush traps
  • Check spa and pools
  • Check hot water
  • Inspection of all rooms
  • Secure exterior access
  • Pick up mail
  • Confirm that irrigation is working
  • Confirm lawn is maintained
  • Services available for an additional charge:

Arrival inspections:

  • Check pool and spa temperature
  • Reset clocks
  • Check snowmelt systems
  • Confirm Satellite/cable services
  • Check firewood supply
  • Open window treatments
  • Stock basic food items (from client's list-client to pay for grocery items)

Departure inspections:

  • Remove perishable foods
  • Open shower doors/steam/sauna
  • Secure all windows
  • Remove garbage (owner garbage service)
  • Lower temperature in home (unless otherwise instructed)
  • Confirm housekeeper
  • Secure interior access

Other services (including, but not limited to):

  • Plant care
  • Snow shoveling
  • Bar/Food stocking
  • Pick up / delivery of owner vehicle to airport
  • Vehicle wash/ and fill
  • Maid service
  • Trash pick-up
  • Vehicle tire change
  • Snowplowing
  • Shipment acceptance
  • Firewood purchasing/stacking
  • Pool / Hot tub maintenance and service
  • Small household tasks

Services We Offer for Non-Rental Properties

The following list highlights some of the services we offer for those who choose non-rental property management. This service is perfect for owners who do not plan to rent their property.

  • Weekly unoccupied security checks
  • Monthly owner statements
  • Pre-purchased lift tickets
  • Discounted bulk airfares
  • Discounts at Aspen Sports
  • Internet Website and complete e-mail access
  • Other services as requested