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Belly Up Aspen Brings Big Music to Town

Posted: 6 Jan 2015
Since 2005, the Belly Up Aspen has been the premier live music venue in downtown Aspen, offering up more than 300 live concerts a year ranging from up-and-comers to music industry icons.this Belly Up Guide to navigate! Located in downtown Aspen at 450 S. Galena Street, the downstairs venue seats around 450 people. Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office. The Belly Up Aspen box office is open from noon until the end of show, and the Belly Up is typically open 7 days a week. (If there is not a show, the box office will close at 6 p.m.) This week, our blog team sits down with Frias Properties group sales manager Lisa Jennings to discuss the allure of the Belly Up. Lisa attends numerous shows at the Belly Up, and has some great experiences to share. Below, she gives us the lowdown on Aspen's music Mecca. Here we go!
Q: Do you remember the first time you went to the Belly Up Aspen? What was that like?

A: "I went on a whim with a few friends after work not knowing what to expect. It was awesome, there's no venue like it, and I've been to a lot of concerts!"

Q: How did you hear about it? A: "It's the talk of town!"

Q: What was the show, and how was it? A: "I believe it was a reggae concert. It's hard to not have a good time at the Belly Up, even if it's not your favorite music."

Q: About how many concerts have you seen there? A: "Too many to count. Let's see, I've lived here about six years, I would roughly say one concert per week."

Q: Wow, that's a lot! You must be a big concert-goer? A: "You could say that a large part of my paychecks go to seeing shows."

Q: Do you prefer big arena shows or smaller venues? A: "I love the intimacy of smaller venues and getting to see up-and-coming bands."

Q: What kinds of acts play the Belly Up Aspen? A: "The Belly Up is fortunate enough to get a wide variety of acts including local, up-and-coming, and national acts."

Q: What's the best piece of advice you can give me if I'm going to a show at the Belly Up? A: "24-ounce PBR and Coors Pounders are the best deal in the house."

Q: How early should I get there? A: "If you are hoping to get a seat, I would recommend as soon as the doors open."

Q: What's the best way to get tickets? A: "The website is very user friendly or the box office if you are in town."

Q: How would you describe the Belly Up Aspen to a friend that's never been? A: "You have to experience for yourself!"

Q: What's the best thing about seeing a show at such a small venue? A: "The ability to get up close and personal!"

Q: What was your favorite show ever at the Belly Up? A: "I really can't pick one, but Jes Grew and the Spazmatics are always fun shows."

Q: Tell us about a time you attended a random show aEU| and liked it? A: "This happens all the time! I love hearing new bands."

Q: What's the strangest show you've been to at the Belly Up? A: "Probably the Flaming Lips, the lead singer came out on stage in an inflatable beach ball."

Q: What show were you most excited for? A: "Currently, I am looking forward to seeing the Cold War Kids in March 2015."

Q: What's your most memorable celebrity interaction at the Belly Up? A: "Skrillex buying us drinks at the Regal after his Belly Up show."

Q: Give us your Top 3 Belly Up concerts ever. A: "Lord Huron, Deadmau5 and Widespread Panic."

Thanks, Lisa. Lisa also works part-time at the Belly Up on occasion, so make sure you say hello if you run into her at a show! For more information on tickets, shows or upcoming concerts, contact the Belly Up box office for general information at (970) 785-8500 or e-mail