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24 Apr 2017
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There is no shortage of Aspen vacation rental options, so homeowners seek any advantage to stand out above the rest. Many homeowners choose to enhance their rental by renovating or adding features and amenities, and improvements can bring more bookings and revenue. But which upgrades deliver the biggest return? This week our blog team takes a closer look at Aspen vacation rental upgrades that deliver the biggest return to owners.

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Décor. The interior appearance of the rental is of upmost importance, and the current demand is for modern, contemporary décor. Guests are looking for the freshest and brightest lodging for their mountain getaway, regardless if it is summer or winter. After a long day of mountain activities, the number one request the Frias reservations department receives from its guests is to have a comfortable space to return to, so that they can relax and prepare for the next day.

Aspen Snowmass homeowners work with the property managers at Frias Properties to coordinate improvements and renovations in their vacation rental. The property manager can assist owners with everything from selecting furniture and appliances to choosing a universally appealing paint color. As we all know, styles can change over the years and are in the eye of the beholder. Our property managers can help owners walk the line between personal taste and timeless style.

Appliances. Frias Properties guests love to stay close to the gondola, ski off the mountain to enjoy lunch in their condo, and get right back on the slopes. All rentals should include most of the comforts of home, including the ability to prepare meals and entertain guests. Each rental should have dishes, silverware, pots and pans, as well as all the accoutrements of any primary residence. However, it's upgraded appliances that truly transform kitchens from simply functional to the primary gathering place in a vacation rental, and that amenity is can turn a condo into a top-requested vacation rental. Our property managers recommend stainless steel appliances, a high-end range/stove and a premium brand refridgerator for owners to enjoy a return on their kitchen investment.

Landscaping. From the smallest condominiums to the largest private homes, landscaping is it key to generating bookings and revenue. Plants, flowers, and other landscaping features can  bring out the beauty of a condominium or private home, especially during Aspen's peak summer months. The property management team at Frias assists owners with landscaping duties, including everything from watering plants and trimming trees to ice and snow removal. Homeowners can request the services from the property management team once they are on management.

Air Conditioning. Although it is rarely used in Aspen, air conditioning is an amenity that many travelers expect. Local homeowners may balk at the request since Aspen's summer climate is so temperate, but guests from Florida, Texas, New York and even California are accustomed to living with A/C. Having this amenity listed with a vacation rental is a surefire way to generate more bookings.

Homeowners who are interested in property management with Frias can speak one on one with a local, seasoned property manager who will be able to give direction and advice on how to further improve a specific property. Contact our team today at (970) 920-2000.

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