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28 Feb 2020
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Aspen Snowmass Vacation Blog

Recognized across the world for its idyllic setting, great skiing, and as a popular retreat for celebrities, Aspen, Colorado has numerous locales ideal for collecting content and adding clout to your social media accounts, especially Instagram.

Aspen’s celebratory atmosphere presents opportunities to capture exciting life moments sure to insight FOMO in your followers. Plus, Aspen’s anything-goes dress code means you can style your Instagram shots to really catch those likes.

The locations listed below are some of the best and most popular spots around town (and on-mountain) to grab a shot that is expected to get the “like” from all of your friends back home.


  1. Top of Aspen Mountain

    Whether or not you’re skiing or snowboarding, ride the Silver Queen Gondola up Aspen Mountain and get ready to pose at the top. Snap a shot of you and your crew with the awe-inspiring view of the Elk Mountains in the background.

  2. Après early at Cloud Nine

    What’s Aspen's second favorite winter sport? Après ski! Start your cocktail hour early at Aspen Highlands’ on-mountain experience, Cloud Nine. Grab a photo of you popping champagne bottles, spraying bubbly across the cabin, or just sipping from a Veuve Clicquot flute with a fantastic mountain view.

  3. Earn your turns on Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands

    Hiking up and skiing down Highland Bowl is a hallmark of any Aspen vacation. And without documenting you accomplishing this unique in-bounds experience, it’s almost as if it didn’t happen. Get your own photo of the iconic “Highland Peak” sign and prayer flags.

  4. Snap Colorado's most recognizable peak: Maroon Bells

    The Maroon Bells is a popular place to visit during the summer. But the views are just as spectacular during the winter. Although the road to the Maroon Bells closes for the season, you can still cross-country ski, snowshoe, and snowmobile to the beautiful lake at the foot of the Bells. The lake freezes during the winter, making it a picturesque spot to ice skate and play hockey. Be sure to grab a snapshot or video of you gliding across the frozen lake with the Maroon Bells right behind you!

  5. Take a hike to the Smuggler Mountain Observation Deck

    Many hiking trails aren’t accessible during the winter season due to the abundance of snow. However, the road up Smuggler on the southern side of the valley is open to hiking most of the winter season. On a clear, sunny day, take the trip up the mountain to the observation deck. There you can get a spectacular view of the entire town of Aspen, including the snowy ski slopes! Snag a photo of this great view to show your friends and family back home where you are.


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