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26 Dec 2017
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HGTV has more home renovation shows than anything else in its programming. The Property Brothers and Chip and Joanna Gaines have created empires on the idea of home renovations. Why? People love watching the transformations take place and imagine they can do the same with their own space! Who wouldn’t?! Taking something outdated or un-usable and making it beautiful, updated and functional is inspiring.

 Here at Frias, we too love seeing properties become their best selves. And we love participating in the process. We believe properties that shine proud make a renter feel more at home and comfortable when they check in and throughout their vacation. And for an owner, those beautiful properties will get chosen over the competition. All our properties at Frias will suit the needs of our guests, but time is a fickle mistress and even the hippest of units need a face lift now and again. We help our owners make the most of any renovation they choose to undertake. Whether its as simple as installing some new carpet and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or the whole home is being taken down to the studs, our property managers are here to help.

 “As a property manager, I can assist with sourcing the best general contractor for the job and I am the owner’s eyes and ears through the project to ensure it stays on schedule,” says Ben Wolff one of our experienced and dedicated property managers here at Frias. “When the owner is out of town, they want updates during a renovation project and general contractors aren’t always able to provide unbiased updates. Owners rely on their property manager to keep them up to speed on the progress and are able to assist in holding the contractor accountable.”

 In addition to keeping the project on track, a property manager can help make suggestions that will increase the value of the rental hat a property wears.

 “Something as simple as a more comfortable sofa [to accommodate families and groups] all the way up to an updated kitchen and bathroom, A/C installation, new fixtures, new bedding, etc… All can make a difference when it comes to the rental pool,” says Cameron Murray, our other experienced and committed property manager at Frias. “The renovations definitely make the properties more attractive to potential clients which I believe is crucial in the internet age we live in. Prospective customers can literally see the bathroom they will be using and the bed they will be sleeping in as all pictures are posted online.”

 One of our units in the Chateau Roaring Fork building recently underwent a significant renovation making it far more attractive to renters and more comfortable for the owners, as well. The dark and cave-like atmosphere that was created by the amounts of dark brick and carpet were negated with light wood floors, removal of most of the brick, and painting of the remaining brick. The kitchen was rearranged to create more functionality and new appliances and fixtures – along with a modern backsplash – added to the kitchen’s renovation. The bathrooms were completely renovated with modern fixtures and colors used throughout. The ceilings of the entire unit were changed from outdated looking wood panels and beams to a fresh and bright white. The furniture and décor are thoughtful and allows for a family to enjoy a more comfortable vacation than the previous iteration of the unit. An increase in the comfort and functionality can also lead to an increase in revenue for the owner as more people are apt to select this unit over one not recently renovated.

 The before and after photos of the Chateau Roaring Fork unit number 25 truly show what a difference a renovation project can make in a home.

Chateau Roaring Fork vacation rentals Aspen renovaiton

Chateau Roaring Fork vacation rentals Aspen renovation

Chateau Roaring Fork vacation rentals Aspen renovation

Chateau Roaring Fork vacation rentals Aspen renovation

Chateau Roaring Fork vacation rentals Aspen renovation

Chateau Roaring Fork vacation rentals Aspen renovation

Chateau Roaring Fork vacation rentals Aspen renovation before and after

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