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9 Jun 2018
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Renovations to small spaces can have a big impact, and owners of this Independence Square hotel room have transformed their unique unit into a widely appealing, modern studio. 

Independence Square 310 underwent a subtle yet elevated transformation this year, when its owners created a more broadly inviting space. Gone are the dark accents and bright colors that appealed to a specific taste. In their place are brighter, more neutral elements which are still as inviting and modern as they were previously.

Owners reimagined the space with guests in mind. They switching from bulky curtains to minimal blinds; traded out modern artwork for classic, appealing decorations; and replaced big, darker fixtures to lighter chandeleirs. These changes all helped to make the small space appear larger and appeal to a wider swath of guests. Some well-placed uplighting along the kitchenette also makes the space feel brighter and more balanced.

One of the most creative changes to this unit doesn't lie with fixtures and decor, but instead with the largest piece of furniture in the room. It's not completely evident from the images, but the bed was changed from a traditional bed frame to a Murphy bed. The size remained the same. The king-size mattress still reigns, but now if guests choose to spend significant portions of their days indoors, the bed can fold up and be used as a couch creating more space for living in the unit’s 300 square feet.

While these changes may not seem like a lot, they can go a long way in making a guest feel more comfortable and create more versatile ways to use the space for owners and guests alike.

Independence Square 310 Before and After Photos

Independence Square Aspen unit 310 renovation

Space-saving bed

Independence Square Aspen unit 310 renovation

Updated decor

independence square aspen unit 310 renovation

Refreshed kitchenette

independence square aspen unit 310 renovation

Stay in Independence Square 310 on your next Aspen visit. Search availability for this Aspen hotel room, or view our entire selection online. If you're interested in additional recommendations contact our Aspen-based reservations team by filling out a brief form here.

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