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Experience the Beauty and Vintage Glam of an Aspen Wedding

Posted: 19 Mar 2014

BLOG NOTE: This blog post is from a previous season. To view our most recent blog posts, click here.

Inspired by last summer's lavish "The Great Gatsby"? Want to mix a bit of "Downton Abbey" into your wedding? Maybe "Pride and Prejudice" is your definition of romance. The costumes, affluent themes, and historical references give many brides-to-be loads of dreams and ideas about everything from opulent dresses and flowers to the ring bearer's tuxedo and haircut.

Brides-to-be looking into Aspen as a destination wedding locale have been including a little alpine spin in recent vintage-glam weddings we've seen, and we want to share some details.

We notice more refined choices in decor, floral arrangements, and food and drink choices. Also, more formal venues even if an outdoor setting and beautifully transformed tent are involved. Finished table settings instead of rustic dining, symmetrical arrangements rather than wild flowers, and shiny traditional ornamentation over country styles create the vintage glam Aspen wedding planners have been producing.

Extravagance doesn't have to be an ingredient in your Aspen wedding cocktail. Two-color schemes bring simple elegance to a ceremony and reception. Tables for seating your buffet wedding dinner can be dressed up with single flower arrangements in mercury glass or silver-plated vessels. Bridesmaids wearing a beautiful hair ornament raise the vintage style several notches. We love the faux fur throws placed neatly here and there at a recent outdoor Aspen wedding. We've heard that God is in the details, and it seems that glamour is also.

Choose your details thoughtfully with an eye toward classic luxury. Let the folks at Aspen Wedding Guide help you along the way by calling some of our carefully chosen vendors. They can bring your wedding dreams to life.