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Ben Wolff and Cameron Murray are two of the most vital guys on the Frias staff. As property managers they serve as the hands-on liaisons between a property owner and the services Frias provides including but not limited to maintenance, service vendors, rental agents and tenants. These are the guys who watch over your home like it were their own.

We've split Aspen down the middle with Ben handling homes on the east side of town and Cam taking homes on the west. This gives each of them greater insight to the nuances and varying needs of the different Aspen neighborhoods. While your broker might be your first point of contact, it's Ben and Cam who execute the needs of your home.

In addition to general care, Ben and Cam are also available to assist in the larger projects like renovations and remodels. They are great resources for sourcing architects, interior designers, contractors and more. They can see a project through from start to finish and often act as the eyes and ears of the property owner. Additionally, because they are in the field day in and day out, they can help with gathering any licenses from the city a project might need. This oversight can make or break a project for a second home owner.