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Frias Staff Spotlight: Heather Nieslanik, Director of Reservations

Posted: 30 Jun 2015

Originally from sunny Duncan, Ariz., Director of Reservations Heather Nieslanik joined Frias Properties of Aspen in 1992. She originally came to the valley because of her husband, Matt, who grew up on a ranch in Carbondale. The couple, along with their two sons, enjoy the country lifestyle and value all that the Roaring Fork Valley has to offer.

At Frias, Heather oversees the reservations team to make sure that your Aspen vacation is everything you hoped it would be ... and then some! She also works closely with Frias property owners to ensure that their property reaches its maximum rental potential. This week, our blog team sits down with Heather to discuss 20+ years of living in the valley along with some insider tips on her favorite things to do. Here we go:

Q: Do you prefer the summer or winter season? A: "I love the summer!"

Q: How would you describe the summer in Aspen and the valley? A: "There is an endless amount of things to do in the summer. Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, fly-fishing, and horseback riding, just to name a few. Music of all types during June, July and August in both Aspen and Snowmass Village. Programs and discussions to broaden your mind through the Aspen Ideas Festival and The Aspen Institute."

Q: What summer activities do you enjoy? A: "Hiking, horseback riding and camping."

Q: What's the one thing I should make time for during a summer visit to Aspen? A: "Snowmass Rodeo." (Blog note: Click the link to learn more!)

Q: Do you ski or snowboard? A: "Ski."

Q: What other winter activities do you enjoy? A: "Snowshoeing, ice skating and sledding."

Q: What's one thing I should make time for during a winter visit to Aspen? A: "Happy hour at The Sky Hotel."

Q: What's your favorite restaurant in town? A: "White House Tavern."

Q: What do you usually order there? A: "The very yummy chicken sandwich!"

Q: Where's a good place to grab a quick snack? A: "Peach's Corner Cafe."

Q: Where's a good place to grab a beer or drink? A: "The Red Onion."

Q: What's one thing that I should not miss while I'm in Aspen? A: "A music performance at Belly Up Aspen."

Q: What's the best show you have seen there? A: "Lyle Lovett."

Q: What retail stores or local shopping should I do while in Aspen? A: "Hayes Silver and Goldsmithing, Pitkin County Dry Goods and Cos Bar."

Q: What's your favorite Frias Property complex? A: "Clarendon townhomes."

Q: If your parents were coming to town, where would you recommend they stay? A: "101 Park Avenue Aspen home."

Q: If a group of your friends were coming to Aspen, where would you recommend they stay? A: "Fasching Haus complex."

Q: What's the one thing you have to do while in Aspen? A: "Relax."

Q: What's the best thing about Aspen? A: "Its beauty." Thanks, Heather. Those are some great insider tips!