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If You Are Thinking of Spending the Season Here...

Posted: 23 Sep 2011

You've decided to take the leap. Congrats! You're following your dreams and taking up residence in Aspen-- albeit only for a season... to start!

Whether you've chosen the summer or the winter to live in Aspen for your seasonal respite, there are a few things you should know to make your transition more seamless and with as little hassle as possible.


First things first, and this is where Frias comes in, you need to secure lodging... a place to live. A comfortable spot to lay your head after a long day in the mountains is paramount to enjoying them day after day. Whether you're looking for an apartment perfect for roommates or a large family home, Frias offers long-term rentals in most categories. Added bonus? If you book with us for longer than 30 days, the 11.6% lodging tax is waived.

Our reservations specialists are the most experienced in Aspen. There isn't a property in this town they don't know -- in our inventory or not. They will be able to help track down and recommend the perfect unit depending on your desired location, size and price point.

Some of the units we manage may only allow shorter, vacation rentals, but that doesn't mean we can't ask about long-term. Or we can eliminate the ones we know won't work right off the bat while introducing others who offer long-term, seasonal rentals. Some that have recently opened up include: Alpenblick 1, Alpenblick 11, Alpenblick 13, as well as Chateau Dumont 14, Chateau Blanc 6, and Silverglo 206.

Once you've found your dream pad, and hopefully your dream job, there are a few other items to consider:


Your unit may have an easy address and way to collect mail, but many seasonal, and even long-term residents prefer to utilize a PO Box. The Aspen Post Office is located in town near Clark's Market on Puppy Smith Lane.


Similarly, your rental may come with a parking space, but sometimes a car is more hassle than it's worth. The free skier shuttle and bus system runs prolifically through both the winter and summer seasons between all four mountains and the airport. Also, in both seasons, bikes are a preferred mode of transportation for many. You may just want to stud your tires in the snowy seasons.

RFTA bus for season aspen residents


Your rental unit will almost assuredly come furnished, so worrying about furniture, kitchen supplies, and the like isn't necessary. Bring the clothes and outdoor equipment you'll need, a few personal effects, and you'll be set. And if you do want to give your temporary home a personal touch, there are multiple places in town to grab anything from a Hunter S. Thompson poster to a high-end coffee table. There is also a Target and a Walmart down valley in Glenwood Springs that can be accessed by purchasing an affordable ticket on the RFTA bus


For as dog-friendly as most mountain towns are, it's tricky to find a pet-friendly unit. If you must have your furry friend with you for the season, let our reservationists know up front so they can narrow down your search right off the bat.

woman hiking in aspen seasonal gear