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Our Top 10 Aspen, Colorado Attractions

There's so many things to do in Aspen, Colorado, so where do you begin? Sports, arts, history, culture - Aspen has it all! With a plethora of attractions in Aspen, there's never a dull moment. This week, we asked our resident expert - Frias Properties Extranet Specialist Jennifer Jacque - to help us out. Below she gives us her thoughts on these local attractions. Put on your sight-seeing shoes. We're about to go around town on today's Q&A!

Jenny Jacque, Frias Properties of Aspen"Hi Jenny. You're our resident expert. Give us your thoughts on these local attractions."

Aspen lights up the night sky. #1 - Aspen Mountain


  • "Amazing views from up here."
  • "Summer: Make sure you take a gondola ride up here & enjoy lunch at the Sun Deck. Play some Frisbee golf or take a hike. You bring the kids up there to play on the jungle gym."
  • "Winter: Amazing skiing, from blue runs to double black diamonds. Fun for all!"
#9 - Maroon Bells #2 - Maroon Bells


  • "A must do in the summer. This is America's most photographed mountain, you must go & see what all the fuss is about. Take a short hike up to Maroon Lake or you can take a much longer hike. I've hiked from here over to Crested Butte or to Willow Lake. Seems like every direction you look, you see something absolutely AMAZING!!! Go up here in the early morning and maybe you will even be lucky enough to see a moose."
#3 - Independence Pass #3 - Independence Pass


  • "If you don't have a car, rent one!!! This is spectacular scenic drive. Twist & turn up this narrow windy road up to the top of the Continental divide. On the way up, stop for a quick walk at the Grottos & check out the falls and ice caves. Stop by the ghost village close to the top & check out how people used to live in the aEU~good ole days'. Make sure to take your time on this drive as there are places on the drive that are very narrow."

Snowmass Village #4 - Snowmass Village


  • "Amazing cruiser runs over here. Seems like you are skiing for miles & miles without stopping. Runs starting at green for beginners to runs including aEU~The Wall' for experts only!!! Tantalizing new restaurants and tons of fun down in base camp for Apres ski. Sit out and watch people ski/ride down the mountain. In the summer time, go hiking!!! There are some amazing trails over here, including the rim trail which give you views of all of Snowmass."

#5 - Smuggler Mountain and Mine #5 - Smuggler Mountain and Mine


  • "Looking for an more mellow hike, head over here. Beware though, as it is highly trafficked. At little over a mile hike up to the observation deck gives you some pretty good views of the city. Continue on from there and complete the entire Hunter Creek loop."

#6 - The Wheeler Opera House #6 - The Wheeler Opera House


  • "They have just completed an extensive remodel on the balcony to provide better seating for all. Amazing historic venue for seeing some amazing shows. Concerts ranging from Burt Bacharach to viewings operas broadcast from The Met."
Rio Grande Park #7 - Rio Grande Park


  • "This mellow walking trail runs from Aspen down to past Glenwood Springs. Go for as little or much of a walk/run as you wish. Take in the view of the river as you enjoy your walk."

#8 - John Denver Sanctuary #8 - John Denver Sanctuary


  • "While you are out walking on Rio Grande stop on down at the John Denver Sanctuary. Nice little memorial for John, including rocks with the words of his songs & quotes."
#9 - The Grottos #9 - The Grottos


  • "On the scenic drive up Independence Pass stop on by here. Mellow walk to the river to see the grottos and explore the ice caves."

#10 - Reudi Reservoir #10 - Reudi Reservoir


  • "Little bit further of a drive, but still well worth it. Located about 20 miles outside of Basalt, about a 40 minute drive from Aspen. Rent a car and drive! Windy road along the Frying Pan River brings you up to the reservoir. Amazing views, rent a paddle board & go out exploring."