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Shop 'Till You Drop in Aspen: From High-End Fashion to Specialty Shops

Posted: 9 Dec 2014

Ready to shop until you drop? Even though Aspen is a small mountain town, it carries a lot of weight in the fashion world. Use this Aspen, Colorado Shopping Guide to help you navigate. Designer stores like Louis Vuitton and Prada line the streets in Aspen, and there's no shortage of trend-setting high-fashion around town. Even though the major designer labels rule the fashion universe, Aspen offers a number of consignment stores and thrift shops as well, providing the perfect mix of nouveau and vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. This week, we sit down with Frias Properties concierge services manager Mariya Mitsinova to discuss all the shopping hot spots in Aspen.

Q: What kinds of shopping is there in Aspen? A: "From Prada to consignment and thrift shops Aspen has something to offer even to the pickiest shopper. A fashion Mecca in the mountains, the small ski town is featuring some of the most luxury designer brands such as Burberry, Dior and Gucci. Looking to spend a few thousand dollars on a high quality fur coat? Not a problem - the boutique Dennis Basso is the place to visit. "For those of us who would rather not spend a fortune on new clothes and accessories, the consignment shops come handy. You will be surprised to find a 'designer room' in the local second-hand store where a Prada bag will cost you 1/3 or less. "And let's not forget the ski shops - there is literally one on every street corner. ... You can find the newest and best winter gear available. "Art shopping - Aspen is famous for its galleries. Paintings and art work costing millions of dollars are waiting patiently to find their new home."

Q: Where is the good shopping located? A: "All shops are spread around downtown. The town is small - every store is pretty much within walking distance. As you probably already guessed - there is no Ross or Wal-Mart in Aspen. Two of the popular shopping places are the Hyman Avenue and Cooper Street pedestrian malls."

Q: Why should I shop in Aspen? A: "If you have the money, Aspen has all you need. Designer clothing, accessories and jewelry, special treatment (many of the stores serve champagne) and more. The best ski equipment and gear ever invented can be found in Aspen's ski shops."

Q: Where are some of the places in town that you shop? A: "The Cos Bar for high-end cosmetics; Amen Wardy - great gifts and home accessories; Harmony Scott Designs - beautiful handmade jewelry by a local designer; Sugar Sweet Clothing - the only affordable clothing store in town that is not second hand; Susie's Aspen Consignment - great finds at lower prices."

Q: What are some of the more popular stores in town? A: "You might be surprised, but Susie's Aspen Consignment is probably the most visited store not only by locals but tourists as well. Four Mountain Sports and Aspen Sports are two of the most popular ski shops to rent or buy ski equipment."

Q: What are some of the high-end fashion stores in town? A: "Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Dior, Dennis Basso, Zegna and others."

Q: Where should I go to get more affordable clothes? A: "The consignment stores - Susie's Aspen Consignment, Uptown Exchange (has a designer room), Free People has sales sometimes, Sugar Sweet Clothing, many of the ski shops have sale racks."

Q: Are there any local, non-chain businesses that I should visit? A: "Harmony Scott Designs - I love the jewelry by the local designer. It is beautiful, not too expensive and very trendy. I recommend this store to all guests. B Jewel is another great store for fine jewelry and boutique clothing. Kemo Sabe for unique Old West collectibles and vintage goods. Pitkin County Dry Goods - a great local contemporary clothing store. Boogie's Retail is a famous Aspen store for fabulous finds."

Q: Where should I go for ski/snowboard items? A: "There are so many options: Four Mountain (D&E) Sports offers a large stock of ski/snowboard equipment and gear, Incline and Aspen Sports are 2 other popular shopping destinations for the fans of the newest ski toys on the market."

Q: Should I also go there for summer outdoor activities, or do you recommend someone else for summer fun? A: "Best place for summer outdoor activities is Blazing Adventures - rafting, jeep tours, kayaking, hiking are many more, this is a great company to have your summer adventures with."

Q: Are there art galleries? A: "There is no other small town in the U.S. that has more art galleries than Aspen does."

Q: Do you know of a good jeweler in town? A: "Harmony Scott Designs and B Jewel."

Q: Where do you recommend I go for a nice fur or mink? A: "Dennis Basso, of course."

Q: I like hip, urban clothes. Any recommendations? A: "Free People, J Crew, Pitkin County Dry Goods."

Q: If I need to pick up a new tie, where should I go? Tell me about a few places that specialize in men's clothes. A: "Your best bet (although on the expensive side) will be Ermenegildo Zegna. Ralph Lauren is another option but the store does not specialize in men's fashion only. Probably not the best idea to buy a tie in Aspen unless you want to spend a fortune. Good news is you can rent one together with a tuxedo."

Q: Where do I go to get souvenirs? Shot glasses, posters, T-shirts, etc.? A: "Aspen T-Shirt Company."