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The Snow Report

Your on-the-ground updates about the major snow events of the 2020-21 Aspen Snowmass ski season

There are many snow forecasting and reporting websites, including our favorites: Open Snow and But, as Aspen locals with a prime, downtown location, we love to share our on-the-ground intel about the big weather events of the winter. Follow along as we document powder days during the 2020-21 ski season!

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Predictions for the 2020-21 Ski Season

Our friends at (a subscription-based forecast for the Aspen Snowmass ski areas) are predicting average to above average snowfall for Aspen Snowmass this winter. Forecasting models agree that there will be a moderate La Nina pattern.

"The final verdict, my educated guess for this winter is normal snow to as much as 10 to 20 percent above normal," wrote Meteorologist Corey Gates in his winter outlook.

While a La Nina storm track can miss the Roaring Fork Valley if they veer too far north, Gates predicts a "loaded gun" scenario where storms run through the Northwest and then dip southeast into Utah and Colorado. Read the full Aspen Times article here.

Two Weeks Until Opening Day | Nov. 7 - 9, 2020

Forecasters were calling for 6 to 12 inches for this slow and steady storm, and our totals hit the top end of their estimates! With just over two weeks until the lifts start spinning, this welcome coating is setting up the mountains for solid opening-day conditions. Aspen Mountain snow guns are building coverage, and we are hopeful to have top-to-bottom skiing on Thanksgiving Day!

Photos: Aspen Snowmass, Jeremy Swanson (second photo)

Early season snow in Aspen

Aspen early season snow

First Snow in Aspen

Winter has arrived! | Oct. 25 & 26, 2020

Our first major winter storm arrived in Aspen just as we entered the final countdown to ski season: only 30 days left until the lifts start spinning! Snowstakes tallied 10 - 12 inches on our ski areas, and downtown Aspen was coated in white.

This snow could be here to stay with record low temperatures recorded as the clouds cleared overnight (-4 degrees Farenheit!) and snowmaking set to begin on Saturday night.

Photo: Snowmass on Oct. 26 | Aspen Snowmass, Jeremy Swanson

First Snow in Aspen Snowmass | Sept. 1 & Sept. 9, 2020

This year's preview of winter came very early! On Sept. 1, 2020, we awoke to a few inches of snow at 11,000 feet. About a week later, snow levels dropped, and Aspen Snowmass ski slopes had several inches of new snow on Sept. 9, 2020.

First Snow in Aspen

First snow in Aspen