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Stay in Aspen and Ski Snowmass, Too!

Posted: 6 Oct 2015

To say that Snowmass is a large ski resort might be an understatement. Did you know that you can stay in Aspen and ski Snowmass too? Did you know that you cold fit Aspen, Highlands and Buttermilk into Snowmass and still have acreage left over? And, in addition to its massive size, Snowmass offers a wide array of options for the whole family to ski. That's probably why more and more visitors are choosing to stay and ski in Aspen, but setting aside time to ski Snowmass, too. It's a growing trend, and we'll explain why.

This week our blog team sits down with Claire Smith, Frias Properties' online vacation specialist. Claire lives in Snowmass and loves skiing there. We sat down to ask her a few questions about the complete Snowmass experience. Let see what she has to say:

Q: What's important to know about staying in Aspen and skiing at Snowmass? A: "There are free shuttle busses all day that run between Aspen and Snowmass, so it is very easy to get to Snowmass and back. It's also nice to stay in Aspen as there is a bigger variety of options for the evening.

Q: How is Snowmass Mountain different than Aspen Mountain? A: "Snowmass has over 3,300 acres of skiable terrain, Aspen Mountain is only 675 acres. Also, Snowmass has a lot of great blue cruiser runs, but also has black and double black if you're looking for something more challenging."

Q: Do you ski or snowboard? A: "I've been skiing for 33 years." Q: What do you like about Snowmass Mountain? A: "There are no lift lines and there is a wide variety of terrain that you can ski throughout the day. There are also some great on mountain restaurants. I suggest Sam's Smokehouse for some good barbecue and fried green tomatoes."

Q: What are some of your favorite areas or runs at Snowmass? A: "I like to start my day in the Elk Camp area and ski Bull Run, then I follow the sun across the mountain and move over to the Alpine Springs/High Alpine area to ski Naked Lady and The Edge. I like to finish my day at the Big Burn with some runs down Sneaky's and Mick's Gully."

Q: It's a powder day, and you are first off the lift. Where do you go? A: "I'm a creature of habit, so I'll still start my day on Bull Run. But High Alpine is great to ski on a powder day."

Q: What are some of the other key activities you can do in Snowmass? Dining, nightlife? A: "I like to go to the Ranger Station for some aprA"s ski and a good beer. Venga Venga also has great happy hour specials. My favorite places for dining are Il Poggio and The Artisan, both are open for dinner."

Q: How does Snowmass nightlife compare to Aspen? A: "Snowmass is more about aprA"s ski and dinner. There is not a lot of late night options for your nightlife. Snowmass is great for the day and evening, but it is still working on its vibe for late night. Hopefully once Base Village is completed in a few years there will be more options for a nightlife."

Q: Where would you recommend staying in Aspen if I want to ski both Aspen Mountain and Snowmass Mountain? A: "If you stay in the core of Aspen you can easily get to Snowmass on the free shuttle service that goes back and forth between the two mountains." Thanks, Claire. We'll see you on the slopes!