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Elevate your winter adventure in Aspen Snowmass with the exhilarating experience of uphill skiing, also known as "uphilling" or "skinning". Beyond the ordinary, uphilling is a thrilling way to explore the pristine alpine terrain while embracing the challenge of ascending the slopes under your own power.

Uphilling in Aspen Snowmass is not only a physical challenge but also a spiritual one, offering a chance to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with nature in its purest form. With designated uphill routes, access to mountain huts, and a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts, Aspen Snowmass welcomes you to embrace the ultimate winter adventure.

So, strap on your skins, click into your bindings, and discover the magic of uphilling in Aspen Snowmass, where the journey uphill is as rewarding as the thrilling descent that awaits. This unique winter pursuit promises an unforgettable connection with the mountains, creating memories that will warm your heart long after the snow has melted.

Follow our tip sbelow for a successful skinning adventure.


An uphill access pass, no matter how many days you use it—is $69—with $10 of this fee going directly to Aspen Snowmass local search and rescue organization, Mountain Rescue Aspen. Uphill Passholders will be required to wear an Aspen Snowmass uphill strap on your body or pack with a valid photo Aspen Card visible within the sleeve while skinning or hiking.  To biu passes, please visit a ticket office at the base of each mountain or caontact out concierge.


The Ute Mountaineer has been family-owned and operated since 1977 and supplies locals and visitors with the best equipment and apparel to tackle Aspen's outdoor adventures.  An uphill package inlcudes skis, skins, poles and boots for 24 hours.  


Aspen Mountain
Aspen Mountain Uphill Route The Little Nell to Bingo Slot to Spar Gulch to Deer Park to Silver Bell to Sundeck Restaurant: 3,267 feet of elevation gain

Aspen Highlands
Lower Route | Jerome Bowl to Park Avenue to Memory Lane to Merry Go Round Restaurant (MGR): 1,950 feet in elevation gain. Please note: If you arrive at MGR prior to 8:30am, you may continue up the route to the top of Loge if you wish. If you are not to MGR before 8:30, uphilling access is not allowed beyond MGR

Aspen Highlands Upper Route | Complete the lower route and continue up to the top of Loge Peak chairlift: 3,635 total feet of elevation gain from base

Main Buttermilk Route | Buttermilk Base to Columbine to Midway to Ridge Trail to Cliffhouse Restaurant: 1,842 feet of elevation gain

Tiehack Route | Eagle Hill to Ptarmigan to Cliffhouse Restaurant: 1,683 feet of elevation gain

West Buttermilk Route | Teaser to the bridge, under the bridge, and up to Ridge Trail to CIiffhouse Restaurant: 1,027 feet of elevation gain

Elk Camp Route | Base Village to Funnel to Elk Camp Restaurant: 1,368 feet of elevation gain

Two Creeks Route | Cascade to top of Funnel around Causeway to Elk Camp Restaurant: 1,655 feet of elevation gain

High Alpine Route | Fanny Hill to McNamara Ridge to Coffee Pot to High Alpine Restaurant: 2,086 feet of elevation gain