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What Does a Property Management Company Do For Non-Rental Properties in Aspen?

Posted: 13 Jul 2016

For many, Aspen is a home away from home. Second-homeowners make up a big part of the Aspen community, and many of these owners rely on a local property management company to protect and maintain their private home, townhouse or condominium. While some owners choose to rent their unused time for additional income, others prefer to keep their home off limits. This is where an Aspen property management company such as Frias Properties comes in. Our property management company offers owners a non-rental service agreement option, meaning there's always someone in Aspen working tirelessly to protect your investment. This week our blog team takes a closer look at the services that Frias Properties offers for its non-rental property owners.

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A non-rental service agreement with Frias Properties always begins with a conversation with one of our long-time, local owners - Chuck Frias and Tim Clark, along with their professional team, possess the experience, resources and commitment that are required to successfully manage a property. For more than 40 years, the Frias name has been synonymous with Aspen property management. With a strong history and a dedicated team, owners can trust that their time and investment in Aspen will both be well-spent.

Once a complete list of services has been outlined and a non-rental service agreement has been established, it's time for the Frias team to get to work. This begins with our experienced personnel that is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Non-rental owners will enjoy the housekeeping and maintenance services that range from pre-arrival cleans to deep cleans, and plant watering to snow removal. (Housekeeping and maintenance services are typically billed by the hour.) Around town, the Frias team performs a number of duties for owners, and no task is too big or too small.

Non-rental owners also enjoy all the perks of resort living with Frias: Features include complimentary transportation to and from the Aspen airport as well as full front desk staff and concierge service desk. The concierge desk can assist with everything from basic office services (FAX, shipping, etc.) to dinner reservations.

On the administrative side of Frias, non-rental owners can feel comfortable knowing that their property is secure. Frias offers full accounting services as part of the monthly management fee. Non-rental owners receive a monthly owner statement that clearly outlines any costs incurred. (Fee varies depending on property size and location.) Owners can work with the property manager to schedule improvements and services as needed, and all charges will be reflected on a monthly statement that is accessible 24/7 via the Frias website.

Property managers can play a vital role in working with owners to improve and maintain a property. Frias property managers are always available to discuss potential improvements and costs, as well as any other questions that a non-rental owner may have. Owners who choose Frias Properties will work closely with their property manager as their main point of contact. The property manager oversees all requests from owners.