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What to Pack for an Aspen Winter Vacation

Posted: 9 Sep 2015

If you're planning to take an Aspen vacation during the winter months, you might have questions about what to pack. Of course you will want to dress warm, but you don't want to be sweating profusely under your gear, either. And what about around town and at night? This week our blog team give your tips for packing your luggage, along with a few other helpful hints about winter in Aspen. Let's take a closer look. aEU| Here's what you should be packing for a winter visit:

WINTER CLOTHES - Obviously. But depending on what you're planning to do can play an important role in how warm you should dress. If you're planning to ski Aspen Mountain or one of the other local mountains, it's always best to check the local ski report. The temperature at the top of Aspen Mountain can be considerable colder than downtown Aspen. If you're planning to ski or spend time at the top of Aspen Mountain, it's best to plan for colder weather and even snow. Bring your heavy stuff - it's best to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. There are a number of luggage handling services available to manage your luggage and ski equipment for you. Companies like Ski Butlers are great third-party services that can help make your vacation much easier! For around town and nightlife, plan on dressing warm as well. The city and county both do an excellent job of handling new snowfall, and most of the city streets are kept clear of snow. However, Aspen can get a big snowfall at any moment! You might come out of a concert or tavern and see a blanket of new-fallen snow. Be prepared for that! Many of the upscale restaurants and clubs in town offer a coat-check service, so you won't be stuck lugging it around all night.

SKI EQUIPMENT - Going along with your winter clothes is of course your ski or snowboard gear. Remember your poles, bindings, goggles, helmet and boots. If you're lacking any equipment or forget to pack something, there's always a number of great ski shops around Aspen that will have what you're looking for. Frias guests can always call the Concierge Desk at (970) 429-2449 to get recommendations on where to go to find the largest selection, deals and discounts!

LIFT TICKETS - Have your lift tickets yet? You can save big money by purchasing your lift tickets in advance. Our Concierge Desk can book your lift tickets too - the earlier you can book your lift tickets, the better! SUNSCREEN - Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is imperative if you plan on skiing or spending significant time on the mountain (especially over 10,000 feet).

SWIMMING SUIT - Yes! Be sure to pack your swimming suit as many of the complexes in Aspen offer either a heated pool or hot tub - or both! The Independence Square hotel has a popular rooftop sun deck with a hot tub right in the middle of downtown Aspen. Front-row views of Aspen Mountain from a hot tub? Yes, please! Other complexes that offer a pool/hot tub combo include the Alpenblick, Chateau Roaring Fork/Chateau Eau Claire, Durant/Fifth Avenue and Fasching Haus. The Silverglo Condominiums has a heated pool that's kept at Jacuzzi temperatures during the winter. The whole pool! GO-PRO - Do you have a GoPro camera? GoPro cameras are an increasingly popular way to document your on-mountain adventures. Many local stores sell GoPro equipment if needed. And be sure to bring your smartphone so you can check in on Facebook or Tweet out your fun. Be sure to include #Aspen and tag us at Frias Properties at @FriasProperties (Facebook) or @AspenLodging (Twitter) when appropriate. Or share your photos here. We love to hear from our guests!