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Your Guide to Paragliding in Aspen

Posted: 7 Oct 2019

An aerial view of Aspen is beautiful 365 days a year

Aspen's natural beauty can be experienced all year long. With verdant foliage and wildflowers in the summer, golden aspen trees during the fall, and white snow-capped mountains throughout the winter, there always a new panorama to see. One of the best ways to take in these great views is from above. And a paragliding trip offers the most exciting aerial option with unbeatable scenes.

The Aspen Paragliding School has been serving the Aspen Snowmass area since 1990. And they work in cooperation with Aspen Skiing Company to provide access to picturesque on-mountain launch points.

Soar above Aspen or Snowmass in a tandem paraglider and experience the Roaring Fork Valley from a new, different, and unique point of view. Designed to accommodate two people, the pilot and passenger are seated in separate harnesses, but attached together.

Don't worry, there is no "jumping off" any cliffs or ledges. To launch the paraglider, the student passenger runs a short distance down a gentle slope. With the forward momentum, the glider then lifts the passenger and pilot off the ground.

While the entire adventure lasts about two hours, the in-flight air time varies with the day's thermal activity. Participants can expect at least 15 minutes of slow descent down 3,000 feet.

There are launch sites on both Aspen and Snowmass mountains during the winter but only on Aspen Mountain in the summer and fall. With three launch times set each morning during the summer, and one launch time set in the fall and winter, gliders should think about booking their paragliding adventure early or at least a couple days in advance to ensure a time slot.

Inspired to make the trip to Aspen?

Does soaring over the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Roaring Fork Valley sound like an experience you don't want to miss? Contact our Concierge to book your next paragliding trip. Our Reservations Team is also available to help facilitate year-round lodging in Aspen.