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2016 Valley Dining Guide

Posted: 20 Jan 2015

This week, our blog team sits down with Frias real estate broker Anne Burrows to talk about her 2016 Valley Dining Guide. Anne creates and produces an annual Dining Guide that provides a quick and easy reference guide to restaurants in the Aspen/Snowmass area and the Roaring Fork Valley.

Aspen real estate

Q: If you were to describe your 2016 Valley Dining Guide to someone who is new to the Roaring Fork Valley, how would you describe it?

A: "The Roaring Fork Valley includes the towns of Aspen, Snowmass Village, Basalt, Willits and Carbondale, all of which offer an amazing selection of dining opportunities. My Valley Dining Guide provides a convenient list of restaurants, cafes and take-out places, sorted by location. The 4x9 inch size of the Guide makes it handy to keep next to your phone or in your car."

Q: Tell us a little about the history of your Dining Guide.

A: "I created my first Dining Guide 15 or 20 years ago because, as someone who dined out frequently with friends, the first question that came up was 'where shall we go?' I had my favorites but it was difficult to remember all the options. A Dining Guide seemed like the perfect solution. Originally, my Guide only included Aspen restaurants. A year or so later, it was expanded to include Snowmass Village. With the introduction of exceptional restaurants down valley over the past few years, my Dining Guide was further expanded to include restaurants in Basalt, Willits and Carbondale. I update the Guide every year with additions and deletions and it has become a 'go-to' resource for my friends, clients and customers. I must say it is always fun to look back at my previous Dining Guides and reminisce about some of the places that have come and gone over the years."

Q: How does your Dining Guide relate to real estate opportunities in the area?

A: "It makes perfect sense that area restaurants match the variety and quality of its real estate opportunities. We have high-end restaurants and real estate that rival the best anywhere and meet the expectations of our residents and visitors who travel the world and are accustomed to varied and interesting hotels, homes and cuisine. In addition to high-end restaurants and real estate, it is important to note that we also have eateries and real estate choices throughout the area that provide wonderful and more affordable options."