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The 411 on Aspen's Free Skier Shuttles

Posted: 11 Oct 2017

Aspen Snowmass boasts four world-class ski areas - Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass and Buttermilk - which total more than 5,300 acres of terrain all accessed with one lift ticket. Four mountains give guests nearly endless options to explore, but getting around Aspen and this broad territory can be intimidating for the first-time visitors.

The first step is to get from your Aspen vacation rental to your mountain of choice, so we have outlined some of your need-to-know information about our destination's free skier shuttles and Frias Properties' complimentary transportation options.

Aspen Snowmass Free Skier Shuttles

The Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA, pronounced "RAF-tuh") operates free skier shuttles that transport people and their equipment between the four ski areas throughout the winter.

Free skier shuttles in Aspen

RFTA buses feature ski and snowboard racks to easily stash your equipment and settle into a comfortable seat to enjoy the ride. Plus, buses have dedicated lanes on Main Street and Highway 82, cutting down drive time and getting you to the slopes faster!

Rubey Park in downtown Aspen is the area's main departure point, and this transit center is just steps from many Frias Properties vacation rentals, including Hyatt Grand Aspen, St. Regis Residence Club, Galena Neighborhood condos, and the Independence Square. The Innsbruck, located on Main Street, offers our most convenient proximity to the skier shuttle - there's a stop right across the street!

Frias Properties' other Aspen vacation rentals are positioned near other free shuttle routes that pick up skiers and take them to Rubey Park to transfer to the skier shuttles. For example, guests of Chateau Eau Claire and Chateau Roaring Fork can walk from their condo to the street to be picked up by the Hunter Creek bus, which comes every 20 minutes.

Drive time from Aspen to the other ski areas:

  • Aspen Highlands: 15 minutes
  • Buttermilk: 15 minutes
  • Snowmass: 30 minutes

For specific route information, contact the Frias Properties Concierge, or visit

Frias Properties' Free Transportation

Guests who stay at Hyatt Grand Aspen and St. Regis Residence Club receive complimentary on-demand transportation to and from Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk or to Rubey Park to get to Snowmass. And Ritz-Carlton Club can request rides to Buttermilk or downtown Aspen in the resort's luxury SUVs.
Book a luxury-rated condominium or private home with Frias Properties and receive complimentary on-demand in-town transportation, making the link between vacation rental and Rubey Park short and easy.

Guests of the Silverglo can hop on the Frias Properties skier shuttle that takes them between the East Aspen condos and Aspen Mountain, one block from Rubey Park.

Free Silverglo skier shuttle

See, it's easy to get around Aspen! Now let's plan your trip!

Browse Aspen's largest selection of vacation rentals here. If you need help selecting the perfect location, bedding arrangements, or unit rating, speak with one of our Aspen-based specialists. Fill out a brief form with your travel dates and traveler details, and we'll send you recommendations!