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5 Reasons Why Spring Skiing in Aspen is Awesome

Posted: 13 Mar 2019

We don't have to convince you to ski in Aspen during the winter, but spring skiing may seem a little far-fetched to non-locals. You're probably thinking "ocean," not "ski mountain" when you hear "spring break," right? We're here to tell you why spring skiing is the perfect vacation to take when the temperatures begin to rise.

Here are five great reasons to spend time on the slopes in Aspen this spring:

1. There's Plenty of Snow in the Spring!

Did you know that fresh snow isn't just possible; it's actually expected in Aspen during the month of April (and sometimes into May)? While many Colorado towns may be heating up and melting down snowpack through March and into April, Aspen keeps a thick layer of powder, perfect for cruising through Highland Bowl with a majestic backdrop in your wake.

According to US Climate Data, Aspen boasts an average snowfall of 29 inches in March (the highest of any month, as a matter of fact) and 20 inches in April, more than enough to ski throughout the better part of the spring. (These averages come from a snow-collection station on the valley floor, not on the ski areas, which can receive MUCH more snow in March and April.)

Check out the Aspen Snowmass report and you'll see that there's certainly no shortage of snow during March or April (the last two months of the skiing season in these parts). If you're willing to adventure to Independence Pass, you may even get a May powder day in the backcountry!

2. The Days are Longer and Outdoor Celebrations Abound

The sun sets later and later during the spring, giving you more daylight on the slopes. And Aspen Snowmass management knows how to please skiers and riders: extended lift operating hours in the spring. You can buy your springtime lift tickets knowing that your days on the slopes will be long and full.

Longer days also mean more time to pack in events on the mountains. Here are a few events that take place in Aspen in the spring:

  • SkiMo, or uphill ski racing, hits its peak this time of year; you'll find many uphill attractions along popular courses in the spring.
  • Clicquot in the Snow is an Aspen favorite. The popular upscale champagne brand Veuve Clicquot pulls out all the stops for a great time.
  • Ullr Nights are a family favorite - a celebration of the Norse god of snow. Gondola rides and plenty of favorite cold-weather treats and refreshments play a starring role along with nighttime tubing and other fun.

3. Closing Days in Aspen are Second to None

How do you end the Aspen ski season spectacularly? Mountain closing days. They are bittersweet for winter sports lovers and also world-renowned.

Of the four major slopes in and around Aspen (Snowmass, Highlands, Buttermilk, and Aspen Mountain), which one goes largest for the last day of the season?

That was a trick question. All four mountains are buzzing on the last day and night. With massive slopeside parties, food, and drink, family fun, and more, the closing season in Aspen is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.

4. Spring in Aspen is Fun for the Whole Family

You might be asking. Isn't Aspen full of family fun year-round?

Of course it is. But springtime is unique. Colorado mountain springtime provides the perfect mix of warmer weather, family activities, and opportunities to introduce a love of winter sports to the little ones.

Anyone who's been to Aspen knows that the varied terrain provides hills for every age and skill level -- from the smallest starter to the seasoned pros. And the smaller springtime crowds mean less waiting in line, and less chance of getting separated for hours. More family time together on the slopes means a more bonding!

At night, take the kids to a variety of events - concerts, parties, restaurants, and more - guaranteeing that by the time you and the family gets back to where you're staying, everyone will hit the sack.

5. The Atmosphere is Celebratory Around the Clock

One of Aspen's favorite activities is the apres ski scene. This just means guests like to pack in some socializing, parties, and slopeside events between runs down the slopes.

Aspen spring parties and events, food and drinks, fun and friends are second to none, especially during the spring. It's that magical time of year when everyone is eager to celebrate the warming weather and ready go all out for the close of season.

If you didn't think Aspen could fulfill your dreams in the spring, think again. The area is truly world-class, especially when you stay with us.

Join us this spring!

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