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5 Tips for Selling a Vacation Rental Property

Posted: 13 Jul 2016

When it is time to sell your Aspen vacation rental property, there are several things you can do to sell your property quickly, and at the right price. We sat down with Real Estate Broker Sybrina Stevenson to get her top 5 tips for selling a vacation rental property. An accomplished broker, Sybrina is also known for having an eye for interior design and property improvements.

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Sybrina is the perfect source for all the need-to-know info about how to effectively sell a vacation rental property. Let's take a look at her 5 tips:


Q: What is considered clutter?

A: "Go through the house with an interior designer to help with de-cluttering the house. Too many personal items, like knick-knacks, draw away from the house itself and make the rooms feel smaller. Personal photos should be put away so that clients can envision their own photos in the house. De-personalize the house. Renters are not interested in looking at your photos - and some travel with their own photos.

Q: So, there are services I can hire?

A: "There are interior designers who offer this service as well as people who specialize with organizing closets. Call us and we can help get you together with the designer who best fits your needs."

Q: How "clean" does it need to be?

A: "Have a good general cleaning of the house by professional housekeepers. All windows should be washed including the screens, closets cleaned out, kitchen and bathroom cupboards cleaned out and organized, as truly interested people will open the cabinet doors and look inside - and you want to make a good impression. Tenants renting houses will need plenty of room for their personal belongings. Keep all outside walkways swept clean regularly."


Q: How do I know if it's time to paint?

A: "Take a garden hose or a power washer and wash the outside of the house. If the paint is peeling off then it is time to paint."

Q: Do it myself or hire someone?

A: "A professional painter will always do a better job than a homeowner. Yet many homeowners are capable of painting the outsides of their homes."

Q: How does this increase the sale value?

A: "A buyer typically prefers to just move into a house and have everything ready, as most people live busy lives and simply do not have the time to fix up a house. If they have to do work on the house it can be a reason for buying a different house."


Q: What types of flowers should I plant?

A: "Bright-colored flowers make the flower gardens stand out and creates a better curb appeal."

Q: Where are the best places to plant?

A: "The best areas for planting flowers with the most impact are in the front of the house. Many people make a decision of whether or not they like the house simply from the curb appeal as they drive up to the house."


Q: Does quality matter?

A: "The quality of the bedspreads or duvets on the beds are not as important as having up-to-date styles. A dated look will also date the house and detract from it."

Q: What are recommended thread counts?

A: "Purchasing 500 to 800 thread counts for the sheets are the best as they hold up longer and are softer."

Q: Is it important to do all bedrooms, or just the master?

A: "All of the bedrooms are important as people are thinking about their guests comforts as well as their potential tenants. Many short-term rentals are rented by tenants looking at photos. So it is important that all the bedrooms have updated bedding to give the photos an updated image."


Q: What do I need to know about carpets? How clean do they need to be?

A: "Always keep the carpets cleaned and any spots removed to give the house a clean look."

Q: How important is it to remove stains and make repairs to damages?

A: "Having stains in carpets give a prospective buyer the impression of a dirty house. It is best to have a professional carpet cleaner remove the spots. If the spots will not come out then it would be best to replace the carpets. An inexpensive carpet is better than a carpet with stains in it."

Thanks, Sybrina. This is a great checklist for potential sellers!

Sybrina brings years of experience in real estate, interior design, and property management in Aspen, which are true assets to the properties she markets and sells. Her ability to help stage properties to sell, coordinate and promote her listings with style and elegance are a testament to the service-minded. She can be reached at (970) 379-1501.