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Aspen Accommodations from A to Z

Posted: 23 Dec 2011

ac-com-mo-da-tion A ::: noun

  • the act of adjustment, so as to accommodate or be accommodated
  • something that meets a need or convenience
  • room and board; lodging
  • a seat, compartment, or room on a public vehicle

Back in the day, accommodations, was the word people used when they walked into their local travel agent to find places to stay on their vacation. But somewhere along the line, accommodations, even in Aspen, lost favor to the word, lodging... We surmise this is because it is a hard word to spell! But that is just an assumption. Regardless of whether you are looking for accommodations or lodging in Aspen, Colorado, we are here to be very "accommodating!"

You can choose hotel rooms and suites that we manage at the Independence Square Hotel in the heart of downtown. Or you might want to select one of the many fractional residences that are part of the Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt and others. The heart of our operation though is vacation condominiums, or condos, as they are known... probably for the same reason we don't use accommodations anymore! Choose from literally hundreds of affordable, standard and luxury condos in a variety of locations throughout Aspen.

At the pinnacle of accommodations in todays' Aspen, are the private home rentals. Perfect for large families and small groups, our home rentals come in many styles with one that is sure to match yours! No matter how you say it, we here are Frias Properties look forward to helping you plan the perfect Aspen vacation, soon!