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Aspen Colorado Condos Rating System

Posted: 5 Nov 2014

Lodging options in Aspen Colorado, vary from secluded luxury mountainside homes to amazing condominiums and townhomes only a short walk from downtown and the Aspen Mountain gondola. Frias has a number of properties in every price range, and we have a ratings system in place to assist you in choosing the vacation rental that's right for you. All of our homes and condominiums fall into four different categories: Luxury, Deluxe, Standard and Economy. At the Independence Square, Aspen's only historic lodge on the downtown mall, guests can choose from Premier, Deluxe or Standard accommodations.

This week, our blog team sits down with Heather Nieslanik, the director of reservations at Frias Properties, to discuss the Aspen condos rating system, why there is a ratings system, and how it works! Here we go:

Q: Why does Frias have its own rating system? A: aEUoeOur lodging rating system is one of the many reasons Frias Properties guests return year after year to Aspen. Our evaluation, along with product descriptions and customer evaluations, assure guests will be satisfied with the lodging and rental properties that we offer.aEU

Q: How many different rating types are there? A: aEUoeFrias Properties uses a four-tier rental unit rating system.aEU

Q: What are most of your properties rated? A: aEUoeThe majority of our properties are in the deluxe and standard rating.aEU

Q: Who decides the ratings? A: aEUoeFrias Properties managers review each property, using a detailed list.aEU

Q: Can a unit be upgraded from one rating to another? A: aEUoeAbsolutely. When any upgrades are made to a property, managers perform a full re-evaluation to see if an upgrade in rating is warranted.aEU

Q: How often does this happen? A: aEUoeUpgrades occur throughout the year.aEU

Q: Can a unit be downgraded? A: aEUoeYes. Frias Properties strives to have units in the rating category that best represents the quality of the property. Sometimes a downgrade is necessary to align the guest's expectations with the property. Before a downgrade, we will contact the owner and give them the opportunity to make needed upgrades to stay in the category they are currently in.aEU

Q: Does Frias turn down a property if it doesn't meet a certain quality standard? A: aEUoeYes. We make every effort to avoid turning a property down and will give the owner details on what would be needed to achieve our basic requirements to join our rental program.aEU

Q: How often are rental units reviewed for upgrades/downgrades? A: aEUoeMainly in the spring and fall, but reviews are conducted throughout the year as needed.aEU

Q: Why don't you have many aEUoeeconomyaEU units? A: aEUoeOur goal is to provide guests with the best quality in rental properties as possible. Most of our owners agree and do all they can to keep their properties in the higher-rated categories.aEU

Q: If I rent at the Independence Square, it says that they have aEUoePremieraEU rooms. What's that all about? A: aEUoeThe Premier rating is our highest for this boutique property.aEU Thanks, Heather. This information will be very useful for those planning an Aspen vacation! One of the most important aspects of any vacation getaway, retreat, group or family event can be the accommodations that you choose. By having a four-tier ratings system, it seems like it would be much easier to narrow down the wide selection of lodging and find the exact unit that can fit your budget.