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Aspen, Colorado Resorts - Everything You Need To Know

Posted: 12 Dec 2013

For a select few, Aspen, Colorado, is home. But for millions of others, Aspen is one of the premier resorts on the planet. Full of both summer and winter adventures - everything from hiking to snow skiing - Aspen is world-renown for its boundless adventures. aEU| So much so that if you were to look up the word aEUoeresortaEU in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it's surprising that you don't simply see an aspen leaf. No, the dictionary defines a resort as aEUoea place that people frequently or generally go for relaxation or pleasure, especially one providing rest and recreation facilities for vacationers.aEU Well, close enough - that's Aspen!

Frias Properties of Aspen Vacation Specialist Andrew Myatt is one of the select few to call Aspen aEUoehome.aEU When guests come to town looking for a resort getaway, Andrew gets a lot of questions. Below, he answers a few of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) when guests are planning the ultimate getaway to the resorts of Aspen.

Q: What airport/resort transportation options are available? A: aEUoeThe Aspen airport is the closest to the resorts, within 10 minutes of town. Frias Properties offers complimentary airport transfers from Aspen airport. Other options are Eagle, Grand Junction and Denver.aEU

Q: May I pre-book, airport-to-resort transportation? A: aEUoeYes. You can pre-arrange transportation with our concierge. Also, you can arrange shuttles through Colorado Mountain Express from the Eagle airport, Grand Junction and Denver.aEU

Q: Is parking available at the resorts? A: aEUoeYes, Frias Properties offers parking with all of their rental options. Either off-street parking is available with most condo options, or parking is available by parking permit. All parking options that are available are included in the rental price.aEU

Q: Is early check-in or late check-out possible? A: aEUoeIf the condo or house is available Frias Properties will do all they can to accommodate early and late check outs. Guest are asked to call 24 to 48 hours before arrival to see if an early check in will be available.aEU

Q: Is there a Concierge? What specific services are provided by the concierge? A: aEUoeYes. Frias Properties offers concierge services. Everything from dinner reservations, ski and snowboard rentals, ski passes, recommendations for activities, and pre-arrival shopping service are just a few of the services provided.aEU

Q: How far are the resorts from the mountain? A: aEUoeAnywhere from ski-in, ski-out to 6 blocks away.aEU

Q: Do you have taxis available? A: aEUoeYes. Aspen offers taxi service through High Mountain taxis.aEU

Q: Is there high-speed Internet access? What is the cost? A: aEUoeHigh-speed internet is available in all of our hotel rooms, condos and houses except for Glory Hole C. The internet service is free.aEU

Q: Is there cell phone coverage at the property? A: aEUoeYes.aEU

Q: Do the guestrooms have welcome amenities? A: aEUoeIn all of our deluxe or higher units, guests receive a welcome amenity of trail mix and coffee for the first morning they are in the unit. Also, a bottle of wine is included in our luxury units.aEU

Q: What are the operating hours of the local restaurants? A: aEUoePlease check for restaurant details or call our concierge.aEU

Q: What are the operating hours of the local bars/lounges? A: aEUoeAgain, please see EatAspen for details or call our concierge.aEU

Q: Is there a swimming pool or hot tub available? What temperature are they kept? A: aEUoeYes. A few of the properties have pools and hot tubs on site. If the guest is staying in a property that doesn't have a pool and hot tub on site they can access both at the Aspen Club & Spa. Hot tubs are kept at 103 degrees and pools are 80-85 degrees."