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Aspen Summer Rentals: When A Week Is Not Enough

Posted: 25 Mar 2015

As it nears the summertime, our reservations and vacation specialists, here, receive a number of inquiries about lengthier stays in the summer. Many are from former guests who decided that a week or two just isn't enough. Others are first time visitors looking to get away for the summer. And where better to go than Aspen, Colorado! With plenty to do in the summer, and majestic views at every turn, it's no surprise that Aspen is the mountain place to be in the summer.

This week, our blog crew takes a closer look at summer long term rentals in Aspen with Frias vacation specialist Mike Duffy. Mike helps plan memorable vacations every day, and as an avid outdoorsman, he's well-versed on all there is to do in Aspen. Let's see what a real local has to say:

Q: Around what time of year does the summer season officially begin in Aspen? A: "Depends on the type of winter we are having. The resort has actually been open on Memorial Day before, and I skied that weekend! I consider the start of Summer Memorial Day weekend. However, things really get going for Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Food & Wine is typically the third week of June."

Q: When does the summer season wind down in Aspen? A: "I would say the summer season winds down on Labor Day weekend. But the early fall season can be glorious too."

Q: How early should I plan on making summer reservations to come to Aspen? A: "It's never too early to start planning a great vacation to Aspen!"

Q: If I'm planning to stay in Aspen for the entire summer, do I need to make plans earlier? A: "We have a lot of guest that come to Aspen for the summer every year. The earlier you start looking for a lodging, the more options you will have to consider for your stay."

Q: Are there plenty of accommodations available during the summer in Aspen? A: "Often, folks try to get construction done in the summer months due to the favorable weather. It's hard to complete construction in the winter. Depending on what is going on in town there can be a shortage of inventory if a lot of the properties are under construction. Which makes it a good idea to get on top of your search for lodging."

Q: What types of properties are available in the summer months in Aspen? A: "Anything from a studio room to large homes are available for rent in the summer months."

Q: What types of activities are going on in Aspen during the summer? A: "There are so many activities during the summer in Aspen, such as whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking, world-class fly-fishing, stand-up paddle boarding, tubing, golfing, softball leagues, road biking, site seeing, gondola rides, live music/music festivals, kayaking ... and there even is a yacht club at the Rudi Reservoir!"

Q: Are there aEUoepeak timesaEU of the summer in Aspen? A: "I would say the peak time is Food & Wine until Labor Day.

Q: If I come to Aspen for the summer, would I still want to be close to the mountain? A: "Just about everywhere you stay in Aspen is going to be close to the mountains and to all the activities that town has to offer!"

Q: What would be the differences that I would look for between renting in the summer and renting in the winter? A: "Biggest difference would be there are a lot more short-term rentals in the winter, rather in the summer there are a lot more long-term rentals."

Q: Where are you more popular summer rentals located? A: "The most popular summer rentals are located on the Roaring Fork River; however a lot of times these popular properties have a 30-night minimum. Sometimes we are able to book shorter stays around owner visits."

Q: If I'm renting for more than a month, what's different than renting short-term? A: "The biggest advantage of renting a month over short term is that you avoid tax for a 30-night rental."

Q: Is there a security deposit required for summer rentals? A: "Yes, there is always some sort of deposit to secure a rental, whether it be short-term or long-term.

Q: What's the best piece of advice you can give someone planning to spend the summer in Aspen? A: "Bring your clubs, bring your rod, bring your bike, and don't forget your swim trunks!"

Q: What type of weather should I plan on? A: "Typically it is about 75-85 degrees with no humidity. We seem to get a thunderstorms around 3-4 p.m. sometimes. Other than that, the weather is perfect!

Q: If your parents were coming to Aspen for the summer, where would you recommend they stay? A: "Definitely with Frias Properties, my place is too small! The properties on the river are great in the summer. Most of them have decks that overlook the river, with an area to barbecue."

Q: Say a few friends from out of town are coming to visit for the summer. Where would you recommend they stay? A: "The Independence Square is a great property and super convenient. Depending on their budget I would recommend there or Fasching Haus, Shadow Mountain, Chateau Chaumont/Dumont, or the Alpenblick. All of those properties have a 5-7 night stay minimum, rather than month-long minimums."

Q: A couple with two small children are coming to Aspen for the summer. What do you recommend? A: "I think that families like the Fasching Haus and Alpenblick units because they have a pool and a hot tub. Hot tub is great after a long day on the golf course or on your bike!" Thanks, Mike! That's a ton of great information.