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Aspen Spa and Massage

Nourish and energize your mind, body and soul at the full-service Yarrow, the newly reimagined spa at Hotel Jerome. This luxury spa offers a wide range of Alpine-inspired therapeutic treatments, including massages, facials, and body treatments. 

We recommend these memorable treatments:

Mineral Healing Massage

A twist on a hot-stone massage, this massage incorporates natural salt stones containing more than 80 minerals that clear negative energy and reduce inflammation. The treatment detoxifies the body and improves circulation through light exfoliation. 

Oxygen Renewal Facial

This deeply rejuvenating treatment uses hydrating, oil-based botanical skincare that is applied using pressurized oxygen. You'll notice the hydration, cell renewal, and plumping effects immediately and for weeks to come. 

Regenerative Infusion Body Treatment

This multi-step body treatment includes an infrared sauna wrap that creates a personal, heated cocoon. While enjoying the deep relaxation of the wrap, indulge in a scalp massage and a cooling facial massage with iced marble stones. Finish with a massage targeting any other specific decompression needs. 

Reserve your spa treatment at Yarrow via the link to the right, or contact our Concierge for assistance with reservations. 

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