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Colorado in the Summertime: Cool, Clear and Refreshing

Posted: 18 Mar 2015

Colorado in the summertime is cool, clear and refreshing. Nothing beats a trip to the Rocky Mountains to replenish and revitalize your mind, body and spirit. Maybe it's the topography or the crystalline air, or maybe it's the double rainbows after a short afternoon rainfall. Combine that with a plethora of outdoor adventure and amazing culture and nightlife, and it's quick to see why guests flock to Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley, and the White River National Forest during the warmer months.

Aspen is a paradise for the fans of outdoor activities, art and music. From hiking, biking and whitewater rafting to events at the Aspen Art Museum or the Aspen Institute, this small mountain town is a summer Mecca for everyone from the physically gifted to the culturally enlightened - and those that are lucky to possess both traits. It's also a popular destination for families with elderly adults or small children. There's something for everyone during the summer in Aspen. This week our blog team sits down with Frias Properties head concierge Mariya Mitsinova. As concierge, Mariya assists guests daily in planning the best Colorado summer outdoor adventures. She works closely with third-party vendors ranging from private chefs to hot air balloon companies. IMariya is your go-to! She helps our guests arrange babysitting, dinner reservations, whitewater rafting expeditions and much more! She's our resident expert on all things summer, so this week we asked her to help us explain why Aspen is so cool, clear and refreshing.

Q: What is it like in the summer in Aspen? A: "The summer in Aspen is absolutely beautiful! The town is really lively and gorgeous."

Q: What do people do in Aspen in the summertime? A: "We have tons of hiking and biking trails. These are probably the two most popular outdoor activities all summer long. There is nothing better than exercising outdoors observing spectacular mountain views. The adventure seekers can enjoy raft trips on the Arkansas and Roaring Fork River. Fun for both children and adults, rafting is a great way to make your vacation in Aspen even more exciting! "Another perfect option to enjoy the scenery and save your energy is a Jeep tour. The jeeps can take you to explore beautiful hard to reach mountain terrains. Fly fishermen will find themselves in trout heaven - Aspen is one of the best places to fish. Golfing, paragliding, sunset dinner tours and many other outdoor activities attract the crowds all summer long. ... But that's not all - The Aspen Music Festival is the perfect venue to enjoy classical music and astonishing live performance. Art fests, Saturday farmer's market and live music make the streets of Aspen come alive. "Let's not forget Maroon Bells, of course - one of the most beautiful sights to enjoy."

Q: Why do you think people find Aspen so refreshing? A: "Because the small town is a combination of beautiful nature, music and art, exciting outdoor activities and lots of fun late night. Not many other places can offer such a great lifestyle."

Q: What's the summertime weather like in Aspen? A: "The temperature is simply great - the average monthly high (June, July, August) is 74-76 and the average low is 42-48. Never too hot and never too cool - perfect weather for everybody trying to escape the heat!"

Q: Describe a clear, bluebird summer day in Aspen. A: "It cannot be described - it needs to be experienced!"

Q: Why do people love Aspen? A: "It is all about the lifestyle. Aspen is a perfect spot for a summer vacation. Its beauty can only compare to its endless possibilities to have good time."

Q: What are some things you can do to revitalize your body and spirit while in Aspen? A: "Hike, bike, run, make a massage appointment, go to a sunset dinner, watch the sunset from the Smuggler observation desk, paraglide, take a walk on Rio Grande Trail along the river, go to a picnic, visit Maroon Bells. ... You might not have enough time for all you can do!"

Q: What's your favorite thing to do on a cool summer morning? A: "Go for a bike ride. I love Rio Grande Trail - it is absolutely beautiful."

Q: What are some things you like to do in the evenings around town? A: "Walk around town, listen to the music students performing, drink a glass of wine on a restaurant patio outside - Hyman Avenue mall especially."

Q: If I'm planning early-morning or evening outings, what do I need to know? A: "Dress well using layers - it might be chilly early in the morning and evening time. Always use sunscreen all day long."

Q: How should I dress for a summer Aspen visit? A: "Many different layers of clothing; lots of sunscreen; good hiking or running shoes; hat; sunglasses."

Q: Where do you recommend I stay when I come to Aspen? A: "Rent a condo in downtown Aspen. The town is really small and almost all restaurants and shops are within walking distance."