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As we transition to warmer weather and more outdoor activities, Aspen officials have dropped all masking and social distancing requirements. Frias Properties of Aspen continues to practice heightened safety protocols to ensure our guests, homeowners, and staff remain protected.

Pitkin County Public Health remains an excellent resource for COVID-19 incidence rates, testing sites, and travel recommendations. They continue to encourage Aspen residents and visitors to practice the following preventative measures:

Mask Up When Appropriate
Masks have proven to be an effective tool for minimizing virus spread. Wear a mask when it feels appropriate or when feel comfortable doing so.

Get Tested if You Feel Sick
Both the State of Colorado and Pitkin County have a variety of testing options and locations available. Read more about your options here.

Stay Home if Sick
Be alert for symptoms and get tested if you become ill. It is smart to keep COVID-19 tests on hand, so that you can quickly identify if you have contracted COVID-19.

Keep Washing
Wash your hands often with soap and water and keep high-touch surfaces clean.