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COVID-19 Updates

Last updated May 28, 2020.

We are now open and accepting short-term rentals, long-term rentals, and performing services for our property management clients. Pitkin County administrators have reopened Aspen to visitors and second-homeowners, and this page will host updates on our services as well as relevant Aspen news for our guests and clients.

General Information about Frias Properties of Aspen

  • Office hours / openings: Our Main Office at 730 East Durant Ave. has reopened, as of Monday, May 9, 2020. Our other locations are closed at this time, as is normal during our off-season periods.
  • How to reach us: Our Main Office is staffed at 50%, per Pitkin County Public Health guidelines. Staff who are not in the office are working from home and may be reached via email (preferred) or phone during normal business hours. Please call (970) 920-2000 to dial by name.

For our Aspen homeowners:

  • Short-term rental management has restarted, and we are taking reservations with limits on capacity.
  • Property management and landscaping work has restarted, and we are completing all daily and seasonal maintenance projects on all buildings we manage.
  • Pools and hot tubs are not open for owner or guest usage. We had received information from Pitkin County that supported reopening, but that information has since been reversed.
  • Second-homeowners and their company are no longer required to self-quarantine upon arrival to Aspen. However, we ask that all residents comply by Pitkin County's "Roadmap to Reopening," illustrated in the graphic below.
  • Masks must be worn in all public buildings/businesses and outside if you go within 6 feet, or are at risk of going within 6 feet, of another person.

For Aspen visitors and wholesalers:

  • Aspen is open for short-term rentals, and we are taking reservations with some limits on capacity and services. Read about our enhanced guest safety protocols and service levels here.
  • Common pools & hot tubs are not currently open for guest or owner usage.
  • Our complimentary health club passes are not currently available; the Aspen Recreation Center and the Red Brick Recreation Center are currently closed.
  • Cancellation policies have been updated for summer 2020 and winter 2020-21 to account for uncertainty surrounding travel at this time. Please see our policies in the FAQ section below or here.
  • Aspen events have been cancelled, and activities and services may be limited during the summer 2020 and winter 2020-21 season. You can find information about what's open and how some attractions are operating in our Aspen Summer Activity Guide.

Aspen's Roadmap to Reopening

We ask Aspen locals, visitors, and second-homeowners to help our community by following these five commitments of containment:

Aspen Pitkin County Social Distancing Guidelines

For More Information:

Contact Us with Any Questions

We are happy to answer any questions and give you on-the-ground updates. Call us at (970) 920-2000, or fill out a brief form and we will respond within 24 hours.