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Custom Rentals in Aspen, Colorado

Posted: 25 Feb 2015

If you're planning a trip to Aspen, Colorado, and have a specific checklist of amenities that you're looking for in ultra lux, bespoke vacation rental accommodations, then a custom rental through Frias Properties is going to be your best option. Frias represents a number of individual homeowners in the Aspen area who rent their luxury condominiums, townhouses and private lux homes only part time; often times because they themselves are using it only occasionally throughout the year. This activity by Aspen homeowners opens the door for a variety of stunning lux style rentals that are otherwise not on the rental market. This week, our blog team takes a closer look at custom rentals, and how everyone can take advantage of the program.

Custom Rentals Custom rentals are available for those seeking short- or long-term lodging. Our team of brokers will analyze your needs base on your priorities and criteria, and assist you in finding the perfect lodging to fit your needs. Our brokers do the work so you don't have to. They are here to negotiate the best rate with each owner individually. As a guest of Frias, you simply look over the options presented by your broker, ask questions, and make your choice. Our brokers will continue to provide options and work on your rates as you continue to review rental options. And, when you do finally decide, our brokers will help you secure the lodging and close the deal. When your stay is over, our brokers will make sure you are checked out completely and any security funds held are swiftly returned to you. From start to finish, our brokers are on your side, working for you!

Custom Rentals Ratings System Before Frias agrees to manage any vacation rental property, our team carefully evaluates all aspects of the unit: construction quality and condition; interior and exterior appearance; and guest amenities provided. Once complete, the unit receive a lodging rating, either Luxury, Deluxe or Standard.

  • Luxury accommodation represent Aspen's best: top-of-the-line furnishings and appliances; and professional finishes such as granite/marble, steam showers, Jacuzzi tubs, media and game rooms, walk-in closets, wine rooms. Many luxury homes, villas, condos and townhomes are right next to Aspen Mountain, the gondola, Lift 1A or downtown, and have breathtaking views from private decks or patios. Each unit is different, so be sure to tell your broker what you're priorities are!
  • Deluxe accommodations have many of the amenities in a luxury unit, just without all the high-end finishes. Deluxe units have well-appointed, quality furnishings and upgraded kitchens and bathrooms. Often times, a deluxe unit will have certain enhancements based on an owner's personal taste. Deluxe units can also have amazing locations and views around town. By far the most popular choice by Frias guests, there are no shortage of deluxe accommodations. They are the most common of the three ratings. Many owners find this rating best because it offers quality lodging at a still-reasonable rate.
  • Standard accommodations have tastefully decorated furnishings and appointments. Standard units have all the basic accommodations of a deluxe unit - a complete kitchen and often times a fireplace - but lack the higher-end finishes and have basic bathrooms and a kitchen. Standard accommodations are perfect for the budget conscious, looking for a simple unit that may not have the view of a deluxe or luxury rental. If you're looking for basic comfort and convenience at a price, this is for you!

Why Homeowners Rent Aspen homeowners often only utilize their condo or home for certain times each year. Maybe they come a few weeks in the summer to enjoy the amazing hiking, Food & Wine Classic, or the Fourth of July. Or, perhaps they enjoy skiing the amazing four mountains in the valley, and spend weekends or a few months each year in town. Some owners spend entire seasons; others only spend the high-points of the year like New Year's, X Games, Food & Wine, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Many owners choose to open their lodging up on these dates to maximize revenue. Frias works with a number of owners, and each situation is different. It's best to contact a Frias broker to see what's available during the dates you're planning to come.

Our Team Can Help! Guests looking to book lodging through Frias Custom Rentals can view inventory online at any time. Custom rentals are managed by our team of brokers, who can assist you in negotiating the best rate for your stay dates. Our brokers are here to work for you, to get you the perfect accommodation to meet your needs. Not only do our brokers have access to our exclusive inventory, but also work with a network of Aspen brokers to find exactly what you need. Through its extensive network, Frias brokers have access to every available unit in the Aspen/Snowmass area! Ready to book? Reach out to one of our custom rental agents today!

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