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Essential Packing Tips for an Aspen Summer Vacation

If you're planning to take an Aspen vacation this summer, you might have questions about what to pack. Maybe it's your first time in the mountains, or possibly you've been enough times to know that Rocky Mountain weather can turn on a dime. It might be hard to enjoy unseasonably warm weather in Aspen if you're in long sleeves - or a heavy winter coat and boots. And, you definitely don't want to get caught in cold temperatures in your tank top and shorts. This week our blog team takes a peek inside your luggage with a few helpful hints on what to pack for an Aspen summer vacation. Here's what you should be packing:

SUMMER CLOTHES - The summers are amazing in Aspen, but remember that it does not get that hot. Expect 70s and 80s during the days for most of the summer months in Aspen. Downvalley - in Basalt, El Jebel, Carbondale or Glenwood Springs - it can reach into the 90s, so plan accordingly. During summer days in Aspen, most locals and visitors wear summer attire such as shorts, skirts, dresses, t-shirts and sandals.

SUNGLASSES - Don't forget your shades. Yes, your future is so bright aEU| but so is the mountain sun. Just like the wintertime, sunglasses are important to keep the sun's glare out of your eyes. Make sure you have quality sunglasses that protect against UV rays. You'll need a good pair of sunglasses for walking around town, hiking, biking, and taking trips to the Sundeck and Independence Pass. If you plan on doing intense outdoor activities, invest in goggles or at least a sunglasses strap to make sure they stay on!

SUNSCREEN - Wear sunscreen. A common misconception about Aspen is that since the weather is so mild you don't need sunscreen. That is not true! If you plan on spending any time outside, you should wear a quality sunscreen that protects against UV rays. For extended periods (hours) outside, consider a hat. Remember, at over 8,000 feet above sea level in downtown Aspen, we're closer to the sun! Sunscreen is also imperative if you plan on going to Independence Pass or the Sundeck (over 10,000 feet).

SWIMMING/BATHING SUIT - Be sure to pack your swimming suit, especially if you're staying with Frias Properties. Many of our complexes have great heated outdoor swimming pools to enjoy. Complexes with swimming pools include the Alpenblick, Chateau Roaring Fork/Eau Claire, Durant Condominiums/Fifth Avenue, Fasching Haus, and Silverglo. All guests who stay with Frias Properties receive complimentary passes to the Aspen Club & Spa, the valley's premier spa and workout facility. The Aspen Club & Spa has a large indoor pool, as does the Aspen Recreation Center (ARC). Passes to the Aspen Club & Spa are available to Frias guests for the duration of their stay and are available at any Frias front desk during regular business hours.

COOL-WEATHER CLOTHES - Even though it is very nice in Aspen during the summer, on occasion it can dip down into the 40s and 50s, especially at night. It's best to pack a few cool-weather items such as long pants, a light jacket or a sweater. Packing extra layers is always a good ideas as well. This way you can throw on something a little warmer if you plan on being out late. You can get cold at night walking back to your accommodations after dinner or a great show.

CAMERA - Sure, everyone has a camera on their phone now, but if you're a fan of photography be sure to bring your cool toys to Aspen. The town and surrounding areas are chock-full of beautiful scenery - some of the most photographed places in the world. Guests love to travel up to Maroon Bells, Ashcroft or Independence Pass for a day of exploring amazing scenery and landscapes. aEUoeBloomersaEU come to Aspen early in the summer to view all the new vegetation, while aEUoeleafersaEU head to Aspen in late summer to enjoy the leaves changing. Either time - or in-between - is a photographer's paradise!

YOUR SMILE - Even if you don't bring it, it will be here when you arrive! Aspen is truly a mountain paradise that is full of excitement, joy and activities every day and night of the summer. Don't forget, our concierge is available to help plan events and dinner reservations while you're here. And, as always, our housekeeping and maintenance teams are ready at a moment's notice to assist you too.