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Excellence in Aspen Property Management

Posted: 22 Apr 2015

Many private homes and condominiums are second homes for part-time residents of Aspen who only spend part of the year in town. Sometimes, plush private homes and condominiums sit empty for all but one or two weeks a year. Obviously, allowing an investment property to be unmaintained and cared for is an unwise decision. Many homeowners go to great extents to keep their investment home or condominium in top-notch condition - and that's where Frias Properties of Aspen comes in.

Frias Properties offers a number of services for non-rental and short-term rental owners. Most homeowners choose to hire a property management company for a number of reasons. First, having a local company available 24/7 to respond to any issue that may arise is important. There's nothing better than having a aEUoeman on the groundaEU in Aspen should a water main burst, an electrical issue, or even a massive snowfall. All of those, if left unattended, could be disastrous. But another great benefit of hiring the Frias team to oversee your Aspen rental is the long list of services and amenities that fall under the umbrella of what is considered aEUoeproperty management.aEU Today's property management spectrum includes administration, accounting, concierge, front desk and transportation services, just to name a few. (All of these services are covered under the Frias monthly management fee.)

Non-Rental Owner Benefits When non-rental owners are not in town, the Frias team will conduct weekly unoccupied security checks to make sure the property is safe. Owners receive full accounting services and detailed monthly owners statements and important news available through the Owner's Portal on the Frias website. They also receive discounted bulk airfares; pre-purchased lift tickets; transportation services to and from the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport; and full concierge services, including dinner reservations and activity planning assistance and recommendations. Owners also receive discounts at Aspen Sports locations.

Management fees for non-rental owners vary depending on property size and location. Maintenance and housekeeping services are billed by the hour, and our experienced personnel are on call 24 hours a day. Other services available include snow shoveling, snow removal and snow plowing; plant care; shipment acceptance; firewood purchasing and stacking; and pool/hot tub maintenance and service.

Short-Term Rental Owner Benefits When owners are not in town, many choose to rent their unused days, weeks or months through Frias Properties' reservations team. Frias has an experienced national marketing program and website with book capabilities 24/7. Frias also has a team of vacation specialists available 24/7 to quote live rates and assist guests with booking the best property available. When unoccupied, the Frias team will conduct weekly unoccupied unit security checks, as well as all of the services mentioned above that non-rental owners receive. In addition, short-term rental owners receive complimentary passes to the Aspen Club & Spa and transportation to and from the Aspen airport. When guests are staying at a Frias property, the property management team conducts weekly inspections of the units. They check on a number of items, including snow or storm damage; signs of vandalism; check electrical and phone lines; check mechanical room systems; inspect all rooms; pick up mail; and maintain the lawn and plants. Additional services are available for a charge. Short-term rental owners also receive discounts at Aspen Sports and Stapleton Sports stores.